Saturday , 28 January 2023
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  1. Dear Gakwerere,

    Man, thanks a lot for your posts. We chew on them day and night.

    Sasa, although you seem to be very well informed, we do also come across information that can be of interest to you as well as Abanyarwanda muri rusange.

    Ikibazo dufite: we are ignorant about the surveillance capabilities of the system. Just as in 1984 of George Orwell, we have a belief that we are being watched and read, that our phones are monitored, etc.

    Can you please write a post on the topic!? We need to be assured that we won’t be tracked down and end up in a dongeon just by sending you a simple email (case of Emile Gafirita, whose IP address was tracked and led to his arrest and torture. I thought he was killed bdw, but a friend told me recently he is still alive. Please confirm).

    I hope you get my point.

    Good job, we like you.


  2. Dear Gakwerere
    Thanks a lot for all these Intel that help ppl understand what time it is back in our country….
    I have a question for you though?
    Would you care to know or have any document on who Patrick Nyamvumba was protecting as a personal escort during the RPA war struggle back in 1990…..?
    Thank you kindly for your response…..

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