Saturday , 28 January 2023


By: Rpf Gakwerere

Just Imagine a country with intelligence personnel who are professional prostitutes and these intelligence personnel who are professional prostitutes are deployed all over the world.

Just Imagine the time and resources in identifying women/girls, recruiting and training them into intelligence assets that are deadly. These DMI professional prostitutes are then deployed in key strategic locations allover the world.

For years, DMI has used professional prostitutes, in what they refer as high end intelligence assets for intelligence gathering and eliminations.

DMI prostitutes have penetrated different government organisations by sleeping with key officials, penetrated well respected international NGOs by sleeping/dating key figures, penetrated world financial institutions by sleeping/dating key figures, penetrated different ruling parties and opposition parties allover the world by sleeping/dating key figures.

One of the key role for these DMI prostitutes, it is to influence their targets into having a positive outlook on the SATANIC SYSTEM in Kigali. They play an important role in influencing their targets so that they may have positive policies towards the enclave. For example, DMI has used these DMI trained professional prostitutes to target IMF or World Bank officials based in East Africa. For UN officials in the region, majority have DMI Rwandese concubines who report directly to Gen Dan Munyuza or Gen Joseph Nzabamwita.

Another crucial role, these DMI prostitutes influence their targets into providing/hiring low key employment for DMI agents. These DMI prostitutes will convince a targeted person to get a job/employment for his unemployed brother/sister in the organisation where the target works or manages.

How are these DMI professional prostitutes – agents funded? A topic for another day.

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  1. Thanks for enlightenment, what a tragedy for Rwanda and it’s citizen. Though, we had all along suspected it, simply because the number of young Rwandan prostitute in the region had become too many in most recently. In fact, it even became an embarrassment to be called a Rwandan because of the number of these prostitutes exhibits abad image for the country and degrading Rwandan women at large. Having said that it simply confirms how Kagame does not care about the country nor his poor people who are poverty stricken, but preferring to spend national resource spying on anyone he suspects to be against his rule, rather spending or empowering Rwandans to self sustain themselves. Needless to say what Kagame cares for is to safeguard his power and himself, even if all Rwandans starve to death as long as he is still in power.