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By: Rpf Gakwerere

In the potato enclave – Rwanda, presidential powers are currently distributed between three Kagames. These are Criminal Paul Kagame, his estranged wife – Jeannette Nzirorera Kajuga Gasana Kagame and his power hungry daughter – Ange Kagame referred among her peers as Princess Ange.

These are the only three individuals with real power in Rwanda, the rest are merely lendered administrative power that can be removed any time, as death merchant Maj Gen Jack Nziza came to realise.

Real power is only exercised by the three Kagames with the exception of Brig Gen Willy Rwagasana, head of Criminal Paul Kagame’s Presidential guard division and real Chief of Defence Staff.

Like several appointments before, on Saturday, 12th June 2021, Jeannette Nzirorera Kajuga Gasana Kagame appointed her allies to different government roles. Co – Vice President Jeannette Kagame’s powers touches all government structures starting with the army where her allies now occupy strategic positions.

All the appointments made on 12th June 21, were made by Co-Vice President Jeannette Nzirorera Kajuga Gasana Kagame. Appointments which saw the wife of his young cousin Manzi Rwaka be appointed the deputy director general of Rwanda Civil Aviation Authority. The appointment of Winnie Ngamije, an IT officer, as Deputy Director General of Rwanda Civil Aviation Authority shocked even ruling party insiders who are already immune to nepotism.

Manzi Rwaka and his wife Winnie Ngamije during Criminal Paul Kagame’s 2017 fraudulent presidential campaign

Winnie Ngamije wasn’t parachuted in that position by mistake, she is a sister inlaw to Jeannette Nzirorera Kajuga Gasana Kagame, she is a wife to beer lover Manzi Rwaka, a cousin to Rwanda’s estranged first lady.

In the interrelationship, in what sociologists refer as family web, Manzi Rwaka is also a nephew to Richard Murefu’s wife, Flora Nsinga. Richard Murefu is a brother to Jeannette Kagame, and in Rwanda’s long alley of deep seated nepotism, Richard Murefu’s wife – Flora Nsinga is Bank of Kigali’s head of Human Resource.

Winnie Ngamije who has no single managerial experience was also educated by criminal Paul Kagame’s office. It is through criminal Paul Kagame’s office, that taxes of oppressed and enslaved Rwandans paid for her tuition fees, maintenance allowances and air tickets during her education in America. Winnie Ngamije is also a former beauty pageant, and in Miss Rwanda 2009, she was 2nd runner up.

Winnie Ngamije during Miss Rwanda 2009

Therefore, her appointment was by design not due to experience, technical know how or any other extraordinary qualities. Like very many key appointments in Rwanda, her appointment was through blatant NEPOTISM.

At Rwanda Civil Aviation Authority, Winnie Ngamije will find criminal Paul Kagame’s cousin, Col Silas Udahemuka, Director of Rwanda Civil Aviation Authority. Prior to being appointed to head the Civil Aviation Authority, Col Silas Udahemuka was head of intelligence in criminal Paul Kagame’s Presidential guard division.

Criminal Paul Kagame’s distant cousin, and brutal assassin, Col Silas Udahemuka

On 12th June 2021, we witnessed the resurrection of Gatera James who was appointed as Rwanda’s ambassador to Israel. Gatera James worked in criminal Paul Kagame’s office for nearly six years, it was during this time that he managed to create a good working relationship with Jeannette Kagame. It was through the influence of Jeannette Kagame and death merchant Jack Nziza that Gatera James was shipped to be the ear, eye and key man at Bank of Kigali, a bank that is exclusively owned by the first family – the Kagames.

After serving at Bank of Kigali for nearly 11 years, as Deputy Director and later CEO of the bank, Gatera James was given a new assignment, an assignment that was too big for James Gatera. He was appointed CEO of criminal Paul Kagame’s business consortium, Crystal Ventures Ltd. Intrigues involved in running Crystal Ventures Ltd at the end led to his sacking from his CEO position. And since 2017, James Gatera melted away from Kigali limelight, he went underground and slowly started lobbying through Jeannette Nzirorera Kajuga Gasana Kagame for a comeback. His patience and quietly  lobbying Jeannette Kagame has paid off, and on 12th June 2021, he resurrected as Rwanda’s ambassador to Israel.

James Gatera

However, James Gatera’s dream job has always been to head the ministry of Finance as a minister. Being minister of Finance has always been his at most target and dream job, not being a diplomat.

On 12th June 2021, we witnessed the comeback of Dr Diane Gashumba the former Minister of health and Prof Shyaka Anastase the former minister of local government, who were respectively appointed as ambassadors of Sweden and Poland. Both Dr Diane Gashumba and Prof Shyaka Anastase were recruited in government structures by François Ngarambe – the current secretary of Rwanda Patriotic Front (RPF), and vetted by the former security enforcer – death merchant Maj Gen Jack Nziza.

Dr Diane Gashumba

After the dismissal of Agnes Binagwaho as health minister in September 2016, it is Jeannette Kagame who personally appointed Dr Diane Gashumba as her replacement. Dr Diane Gashumba was dramatically sacked in February 2020, and now, Jeannette Kagame has again resurrected her career within the satanic regime with ambassadorial appointment in Sweden.

Anastase Shyaka

Another appointment made on 12th June 2021, was that of National Intelligence and Security Services operative Michel Sebera who was appointed Minister Counsellor at Rwanda’s embassy in Holland. Michel Sebera was a Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Trade and Industry of Rwanda.

Michel Sebera, appointed to baby seat incompetent Olivier Nduhungirehe

He was appointed at Rwanda’s embassy in Holland to baby seat Olivier Nduhungirehe, Rwanda’s ambassador to Holland, a well known incompetent official.

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