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‘‘ Freedoms, democracy, human rights and rights to live are none negotiable ’’


Forget about the popular preacher, Apostle Paul Gitwaza who was pushed out of the enclave due to regime interferences in his Zion Temple Celebration Center churches. Forget about Bishop Innocent Rugagi who was made to flee from his mother land due to constant interference into his church by the dreaded DMI terrorist. Today, I introduce you “pastor” Charles Mugisha another untouchable within the mafia ruling gang.

To use the pastor tag while describing one of criminal Paul Kagame’s thug is totally unfair to genuine pastors out there; men and women of God who are striving to make this world a better place. While other churches have faced all sorts of persecution and DMI interferences including paying monthly/yearly contributions to RPF coffers, New Life Bible Church of “pastor” Charles Mugisha has remained untouched; the only pastor that marauding DMI thugs fear.

“Pastor” Charles Mugisha isn’t an average Rwandan facing the wrath of authoritarianism, but he is part of the system, an insider within criminal Paul Kagame’s kitchen regime. In short, he is the system.

While assassin James Kabarebe and Dan Munyuza are eliminating innocent Rwandans on daily basis on behalf of criminal Paul Kagame, on the other hand, “pastor” Charles Mugisha is helping criminal Paul Kagame in laundering embezzled funds.

During the day, “pastor” Charles Mugisha is waving to Jesus in presence of gullible church goers. At night, the pastor is waving at Rwand’s well known Satan as they plan to plunder the impoverished enclave.

It is well known that “pastor” Charles Mugisha is the richest “pastor” in Rwanda. The richness hasn’t been acquired through proper legal channels but rather through deception, embezzlement, fraud and trickery; all with the help of his criminal mindset partner, Paul Kagame.

Mafia dealings between Criminal Paul Kagame and “pastor” Charles Mugisha.

“Pastor” Charles Mugisha was introduced to American evangelical pastor Richard Warren by criminal Paul Kagame. Over the years, criminal Paul Kagame has created a personal friendship with Pastor Richard Warren.

Pastor Richard Warren is the founder of Saddleback evangelical megachurch in
Lake Forest, California which is the sixth-largest megachurch in the United States (including multi-site churches).

In mid 2000, Pastor Warren asked criminal Paul Kagame if he would refer him a trusted man of God or church that he would work with to channel charity financial funds from Saddleback church. For Pastor Warren and Saddleback church, they heartedly wanted to help charity programmes in Rwanda through a well established church and a respectable man of God.

For Criminal Paul Kagame, the mental dictator saw this as an opportunity to get free cash like the way he has been embezzling funds meant for projects to help Tutsi genocide survivors. This is when criminal Paul Kagame introduced his pastor conman friend – Charles Mugisha to pastor Richard Warren. Now, for years, Criminal Paul Kagame through his fraudster friend Charles Mugisha, have been sharing charity funds from Saddleback church, funds meant for different clarity projects in Rwanda.

Charles Mugisha’s church, it’s the only church in Rwanda that Rwanda’s foreign affairs ministry recommends diplomats and expatriates to attend. And this was done under the directive from criminal Paul Kagame. In short, it’s a junta regime church.

The role of Charles Mugisha in criminal Paul Kagame’s SATANIC SYSTEM.

1) As noted above, Charles Mugisha is a schemer who was represented to Pastor Richard Warren in order to defraud charity aid funds from Saddleback church.

2) The fake “pastor” has always been used by criminal Paul Kagame to launder his stolen wealth, the wealth which he has plundered from impoverished Rwanda and DR Congo. Mugisha Charles has used his mafia church registration of New Life Bible Church as a vehicle of Laundering criminal Paul Kagame’s ill gotten wealth.

3) Pastor Charles Mugisha is also a well known intelligence operative reporting directly to criminal Paul Kagame. Within Rwanda’s intelligence setups, there are those specific individuals who report directly to criminal Paul Kagame, and Charles Mugisha is one of them.

TO BE CONTINUED… we continue analysing at laundering role for criminal Paul Kagame, looking for witch doctors for criminal Paul Kagame, his role in reporting other pastors and his ill gotten wealth.

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