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RE: stop deaths traps for your own men and women

By: Bapu

This is a personal letter.

Napoleon planned much and by the end of it all he left his entire good army generals killed and found himself a prisoner in st. Hellena.

The mighty Kaiser of Germany aimed at the crown of Europe and was reduced to the status of a private gentleman.

General IDD Amin Dada planned much against the United Republic of Tanzania and his devious ambition led to the destruction of all his generals and army and he ended up as self_ exiled private gentleman in Saudi_ Arabia.

Let us contemplate such examples and be humble.

Dear general, you cannot do anything. God can do everything.

Dear general, you cannot succeed in any devious plans against Uganda because Uganda is considered your mother and Father in the following ways:

1. Uganda breast_fed you and your fellow refugees when you were running away from the slaughter knife of parihutu militias that wanted you dead or alive.

2. Uganda sheltered you , fed you and provided you and your fellow refugees security until Uganda helped you to go return back to your country when respectable men and women well armoured to protect yourselves.

3. Uganda educated you in the best schools like kings college Buddo, Ntare school, mbarara High school, St. Kisubi college, St. Henry Kitovu, Mbarara Highschool, MaryHill Highschool, St. Joseph school, Bweranyangi High school, Makerere university, Kyambogo college, Nakawa business school, etc on Ugandans tax payers money and up todate Uganda still does all the above to the children of Rwanda.

4. Uganda helped you and your country men to return back to your country after training you and decorating you and fellow country men with military ranks.

5. Uganda talked on your behalf and defended you on the international arenas like the United nations assembly, United nations security council, etc.

6. dear general, its a judicial notice that you cannot plan evil plans against Uganda and succeed however ambitious you are.

7. Dear general, you have no cause to wage war against Uganda and no general however much good can survive a war without cause.

Dear general, Uganda is a nation of God and belongs to God as our national Anthem and Our national motto provides.

Let me remind you of our national motto ” For God and my Country.”

Let me also remind you of our national Anthem “Oh Uganda May God uphold thee.”

Meaning Uganda belongs to God and whoever dares to plan devious plans against Uganda will be destroyed by God himself.

  1. Dear general, Uganda is for peace as our national Anthem provides” in peace and friendship we’ll live” and on neighborhood, our national Anthem states” Uganda shall always live in peace with all neighbours and in case of any call for help , Uganda shall always stand with our neighbours in peace and respond to the call for help.” Dear general, that’s Uganda, the land of beauty and the pearl of Africa.

Dear general, Uganda has adopted the attitude of non_violence which breaks to pieces but never bends and you will never find any Ugandan to cooperate with you and what will you do?

Dear general kagame, Hitler, Mussolini on the one hand and yourself on the other are able to show the immediate effectiveness of violence.
Dear general, the tragedy of Rwandans who have suffered genocide and have been dying in the DRCongo wars since 1998 up-to-date and you have again closed the border with Uganda and Burundi and are dying of hunger and famine drives Pan_Africans to tears and touches us deeply.

Dear general,The peace of Rwanda gained from Arusha_ Tanzania that has been betrayed by yourself was a triumph of violence and also a defeat.

Dear general, but what have Rwandans gained from the closing the border with Uganda and Burundi?

Have you added anything to the moral wealth of mankind?

Dear general, the philosophy which you stand calls it cowardice to shrink from carnage… of war leads one to dictatorship pure and simple.
Rwanda is out of the picture of genocide and many Rwandans are still suffering from the wounds and torments of the death of their loved ones.

Rwanda has a dictator who dreams of peace and thinks he will wade to it through a sea of blood.
Rwanda has leadership who are incapable of any moral response. They have no conscience and they have made themselves impervious to world opinion.

Yours faithfully,


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