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‘‘ Freedoms, democracy, human rights and rights to live are none negotiable ’’


By: SpyReports UG

As usual, following the Katuna border meeting with three Heads of state from Uganda, Rwanda, Angola and Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwandan state sponsored media outlets have been awash with childish and unbecoming hate stories against Ugandan President Museveni over his address to his citizens about border closure.

I will call it rubbish because it’s the usual Rwandan rubbish to play childish politics in order to attract sympathy because of they have a sense of entitlement to be treated as first class race at the expense of other race.

A section of Rwandan sponsored propaganda news sites and newspapers including the Kigali government mouth – piece the New Times Publications widely circulated a propaganda story on the speech by president Museveni while addressing Ugandan residents living near Katuna border.

They claimed President Museveni undermined the signed extraditiontreaty which had signed before and saying that he was not aware of Rwandan dessidents in Uganda. They went on and claim Uganda has been supporting rebel forces trying to overthrow the regime in Kigali including facilitating their travel to and from Uganda.

Well, to add on the president’s voice, it is not true that Uganda harbors people trying to overthrow Rwandan regime. The ‘so called people’ allegedly supported by Uganda recently stated that Kigali knows it well what would happen if Uganda truly supports them. First of all Uganda has no intention to incite, encourage or support Rwandan opposition to overthrow its government.

Uganda is a law abiding country and works within the spirit of the Charter of the African Union and therefore cannot be involved in false allegations being peddled by Kigali and its sponsored media propagandists to change the narrative of what truly is happening in that country.

If Rwanda has internal challenges, it should find ways of addressing them including but not least to listening to divergent views from opposition voices to ensure co-existence other than using Uganda as ascapegoat of its internal failures.

They have always came up with fictitious names of people as being members of their opposition fighting them from Uganda and Kigali has always been asked to provide data and substantiate the allegations but they have failed to do it.

Once again Uganda is not training any Rwandan rebel group and is not to do so because that is against the 2006 Great Lakes Conference Pact on Peace, Stability and Development where members including Uganda committed themselves not to support rebels from any neigbouring country.

I believe that Rwanda’s actions of leveling weird allegations in the absence of authentic and reliable evidence aimed to serve propaganda and exercise pressure against Rwandan refugees, asylum seekers and Ugandans of Rwandan origin. Rwanda’s allegations have no value, validity and not worth to be given attention.

Rwanda should thus try to bring reliable authentic sources in preparation of its claims. I strongly believe that the claims on the basis of ill intended and biased sources of information will gravely and irreparably damage its image and credibility among East African Cooperation member states and the continent at large.

Uganda’s foreign policy has always been to enhance and strengthen peace in Africa like its key role in pacifying Somalia, South Sudan and other security interventions on the continent.

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