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President Felix Tshisekedi Meets And Addresses New Army Recruits At Kitona Military Training Base In Moanda, Kongo Central Province

By: Robert Patrick Fati Gakwerere

The President of the Democratic Congo, Félix-Antoine Tshisekedi Tshilombo has this Thursday, 8th December 2022, met and addressed 10200 new recruits of the Armed Forces of the Republic (FARDC), at the Kitona military base in Moanda, in the province of Congo Central.

President Felix Tshisekedi inspecting guard of honour at Kitona military base in Moanda, in the province of Kongo Central

“We must together realize that no one but ourselves will come to save our nation and that this requires all of us to mobilize in all directions. Never doubt that together, thoughtful and committed, we can change the world, ” noted President Félix Tshisekedi.

To face this war of aggression, the President of DR Congo invited all Congolese from all walks of life to join engaged FARDC and the national police in the sense of patriotism. He also recommended the new recruits to defend the territorial integrity well and ensure the security of the Congolese men and women against any aggression or attack wherever it comes from.

President Tshisekedi also instructed the Chief of General Staff of the FARDC to accelerate the establishment of recruitment centers across the 26 provinces of the country.

In a firm tone, the Head of State reassured these new recruits and former soldiers of the regular forces of the DRC that their problems and those of their families are now his and are part of his priorities.

President Felix Tshisekedi addressing recruits at Kitona military base in Moanda, in the province of Kongo Central

“I came to say thank you and to tell you that this work that you are doing is very important. We need to pay close attention to you and your families. I put all my strength and my intelligence at the service of the army so that it does its job well. Rest assured that your problems and those of your families are now mine and part of my priorities,” he said.

President Tshisekedi took this opportunity to reassure old and new Congolese soldiers that the time when individuals misappropriated their ration funds and other funds related to the needs of the army is over.

He promised to personally ensure that the new recruits are placed in the right conditions in order to properly defend the territorial integrity of the DRC. President Tshisekedi urged them never to betray Congo for the benefit of foreign interests.

“I want you to be well trained in order to scare anyone who will have the idea of ​​attacking our country. You are there to secure territorial integrity. I hope you have noticed the change since you arrived here. I want you to know, your Supreme Commander doesn’t sleep without thinking of you. Do not give in to enemies who want our country to always be last. Never again. The DRC to the Congolese. Not for foreigners. Our army must be strong. Put your ideas to work. As far as your families are concerned, your training, how to sleep and eat, it’s me,” insisted the President of the Republic.

The Head of State also returned to the military programming law which has just been adopted by Parliament. He indicates that this law, which has been lacking in the country for decades, will allow the DRC to better organize its army so that it is dissuasive and effective.

“This law, which we have missed for years, is of very great importance. It is proof of the determination of myself and my government to make our army much stronger. This law will make it possible to organize our army, to control its manpower, to equip it and to better manage it so that the soldiers are in good conditions. This law will make it possible to put in the money needed to solve the problems of our army. It will also allow foreign countries that want to help us to be able to properly structure their support,” added President Tshisekedi.

Before closing his remarks, the supreme commander of the armed forces called on the new recruits of the FARDC to show discipline wherever work calls them and not to consider their fellow citizens as enemies. Rather, to secure them and secure the national borders, in strict accordance with the motto of the army.

“To old and new recruits, I ask you to take the motto of the army to your heart. Be calm because the authorities have taken care of all your problems. Exercise discipline, wherever the mission calls you. Do not look at the Congolese as an enemy, but rather as a brother who needs you for security. Do not be afraid. We are here to support you and your families. Never betray the country. Don’t buy into the lies of the enemy. Give yourself for the country. Let us defend our dear and beautiful country,” he concluded.

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