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RDF-M23 Seize The Hills Of Muremure And Ngingwe

By: Robert Patrick Fati Gakwerere

Since Friday February 2, RDF-M23 have seized the hills of Muremure and Ngingwe, in the Kibabi group, Masisi territory (North Kivu).

RDF-M23 consolidated their positions following heavy fighting against FARDC and Wazalendo militias. These clashes caused massive displacement of the populations of Shasha and Bweremana.

Muremure and Ngingwe hills overlook the villages of Shasha, Kirotshe and Bweremana, near the town of Sake.

Residents of this area fear the fact that these battles will approach the city of Sake. The youth of Mupfuni Shanga group called on the government to take matters into their own hands:

“The Congolese population is tired. We are sorry to see a government that does not react. We see the enemy only gaining villages and moving from Bunagana to Ngingwe in Mupfuni Shanga. How many km is it? What is the government doing in Kinshasa? The population is abandoned to its sad fate. We ask the Congolese government to take its responsibilities, otherwise things will get worse.”

Dozens of other families from Shasha and Kirotshe fled to Sake (North Kivu) and Minova (South Kivu).

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