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DR Congo: Days Of Intensive Fighting Between FARDC Against RDF-M23 Terrorists

By: Robert Patrick Fati Gakwerere

Idiocy of Criminal Paul Kagame’s goons:

On Social media, Criminal Paul Kagame’s inept goons and minions claim that RDF-M23 has so far shot down FARDC’s Two CH-4 B drones, but in reality, RDF-M23 terrorists haven’t shot down any of FARDC’s CH-4B. All FARDC’s CH-4B drones are intact and still hitting RDF-M23 targets in DR Congo from an altitude of 5000 meters (16400 feet).

CH-4B drone

According to Criminal Paul Kagame’s inept goons on social media, RDF-M23 terrorists in DR Congo aren’t dying (they are “robots”), it’s only FARDC dying/losing troops. But we all know that, Criminal Paul Kagame sends 100 and when killed, he sends 300 when killed, he send 600 when killed, he sends 600,…..etc.

In reality, away from social media noises by Criminal Kagame’s inept goons, RDF-M23 terrorists have been losing their lives since November 2021 when they decided to invade a sovereign country, DRC, to present. This is senseless war, Criminal Paul Kagame’s continues mineral wars in DRC.

On 30th January 2024, while meeting diplomatic corps stationed in DR Congo, President Félix Tshisekedi reiterated that, “there will never be no negotiation with Rwanda which is still on our soil. This is non-negotiable, DRC’s sovereignty and territorial integrity must be respected”.

0n 29th January 2024, RDF-M23 Terrorists were lured into the open by FARDC/SADC Forces, and then FARDC unleashed Sukhoi-25 jets and CH-4B drones on RDF-M23 extended lines of offensive formation. Criminal Paul Kagame’s boys were decimated along Mushaki-Kibumba axis.

FARDC’s Sukhoi-25

On 26 January 2024, RDF terrorists simultaneously attacked 14 FARDC positions in Masisi. Apart from their social media lies, RDF losing troops and materials, RDF terrorists didn’t gain any military success in their weekend offensive. Mushaki, Karuba, Sake and Rubaya are becoming graveyards for Criminal Paul Kagame’s RDF boys. For RDF-M23 boys who played Rambo on 27 January 2024 and occupied Muremure hill are now cutoff from their supply line as FARDC’s attack helicopters and CH-4B drones continues to neutralise them.

While Criminal Paul Kagame’s goons were celebrating the capture of Shasha; on the ground, FARDC’s presidential guard units from Goma were neutralising RDF-M23 terrorists and capturing Kirotshe, and last night FARDC’s special force units from Minova took control of Shasha.

FARDC’s BM-21 Grad

From Saturday, 3rd February 2024 to the night of 4th February 2024, RDF-M23 positions in Bukobati, Kihindo, Shasha, Kirotshe and Muremure hills were being buried with RDF-M23 air strikes and BM-21 Grad shellings. FARDC’s units from Minova swept through to Shasha, while those from Goma combed up to Kirotshe. Things aren’t good for Criminal Paul Kagame’s boys in DR Congo. Since the 26th January 2024 to present, South Africa’s snipers operating under SADC have been taking out RDF-M23 troops. With their Denel NTW-20 anti-materiel rifles, South African snipers are hitting – taking out Criminal Paul Kagame’s boys. The sniping target, it is a bullet per head.

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