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BY: Robert Patrick Fati Gakwerere

I always avoid to post anything concerning dictator Paul Kagame’s dirty goons and minions. Within Rwanda’s Intelligence circle, the term “dirty operatives” is given to those operatives on field who roam around rumormongering from one point to another. These are operatives who create problems for innocent Rwandans by feeding fake info to their superiors. These are operatives mostly used to eliminate innocent people especially through poisoning. This category of DMI field operatives is composed of dangerous, pitiless, liars and ruthless characters.

I always try my best to don’t mention these low class characters, but extremely heartless individuals. But since this dirty Directorate of Military Intelligence operative claves for publicity, lets give her the publicity she deserves. In 2018, a DMI operatives wrote to me, “please write something about me, attack me in your posts, these are my names…….and those are my photos. Being attacked by Bigarasha (anti regime), it’s a honour, seals the trust within the system and brings with it several advantages.”

Since writing about these low level operatives gives them advantage within the Satanic regime, lets give the honour and advantage to Mzee Charles Karara’s daughter, a well known notorious DMI operative, Jeanne Chantal Karara.

Jeanne Chantal Karara and her Belgium Citizenship obtained through bogus means.

Those running away from persecution and economically struggling Rwandans, and Africans in general, have relocated to western countries and used all avenues available to them to settle in different western democracies. This is fair and justifiable especially when your trying to better yourself and your family. The problem comes when a person starts to become a threat to genuine refugees and asylum seekers who have run away from persecution.

After failing to secure employment in Rwanda, Jeanne Chantal Karara was helped to obtain a VISA for Belgium, this was at the time when embassies weren’t taking fingerprints from Visa applicants. She arrived in Belgium, travelling on a Rwandan passport. However, Jeanne Chantal Karara demanded asylum as a Burundian who was fleeing from insecurity in Burundi. And she was granted a Refugee status – indefinite leave to remain. The Belgium immigration services believed her bogus asylum claim. After 6 years in Belgium, she applied and got her citizenship.

After settling properly, then, hell broke loose as genuine asylum seekers and refugees started facing her wrath as names of innocent refugees were being sent to Kigali for blacklisting. She has massively contributed in blacklisting innocent people into Rwanda’s Directorate of Military Intelligence database.

Dirty Directorate of Military Intelligence operative, Jeanne Chantal Karara

She is among along list of dirty DMI operatives who have been calling for the arrest, if possible the assassination of Rwanda’s human rights and social economic activist, Aimable Karasira. Aimable Karasira was arrested on 31 May 2021, and his now languishing in criminal Paul Kagame’s dungeon.

Despite of always singing that Rwanda is the African Singapore, dirty DMI operative Jeanne Chantal Karara’s immediate family members are in Europe including her mother.

Most of dirty goons and minions you see making noises in support of criminal Paul Kagame and his bloodthirsty satanic regime, few actually live in Rwanda, majority live in western democracies where they are enjoying all forms of human rights and freedoms while supporting a brutal regime in their home country – Rwanda. Dirty operatives are selfish, evil and serial satanic in nature.

Its not only Jeanne Chantal Karara who fled from economic hardship in Rwanda, and demanded asylum as a Burundian running from persecution where the Belgium immigration services believed to her bogus claims and awarded her with indefinite leave to remain as a refugee, and later gaining citizenship after 6 years. Her brother, Gustave Karara and their last born Pappy Karara nicknamed by Rwandans in Belgium as Pappy Mabangi (due to smoking too much weed), used the same route as their sister to settle in Belgium.

Jeanne Chantal Karara’s brothers also claimed asylum as Burundians, but not as Rwandans, and the Belgium immigration services believed their bogus asylum claims. Gustave Karara served in the army, Rwanda Defence Force and was at the rank of a sergeant. In Belgium, his a serial assassin operating under DMI hit team in Belgium.

Dirty Directorate of Military Intelligence operatives Jeanne Chantal Karara and sergeant Gustave Karara

Sergeant Gustave Karara is in the team that has for years been tracking and hunting down, Ugandan blogger Seruga Titus for elimination. In Europe, Ugandan blogger Seruga Titus is on the list of those anti Kagame personalities signed by criminal Paul Kagame himself for elimination at any possible opportunity.

Sergeant Gustave Karara is part of a bloodthirsty notorious cell in Europe that gathers intelligence for Rwanda’s Directorate of Military Intelligence, blacklists, intimidates and tracks innocent Rwandans in Europe for elimination.

Directorate of Military Intelligence operative – sergeant Gustave Karara standing behind Lt Gen Caesar Kayizari

For their last born Pappy Karara alias Pappy Mabangi, his a peaceful young man who can’t wish harm to anyone.

The fleeing of Rwanda’s economic hardship didn’t stop with dirty DMI operative Jeanne Chantal Karara and her brothers; also their mother relocated to Europe, not in Belgium as the children, but France. Jeanne Chantal Karara’s mother – Kabanyana Judith, also asked for asylum in France as a Burundian and France’s Office of Immigration and Integration believed her story and she was granted asylum and after years in France, she is now a naturalised french citizen.

Dirty DMI operative Jeanne Chantal Karara’s brother, Captain Omer Karara is a bloodthirsty DMI operative and a Kagamist goon in Kigali.

While Jeanne Chantal Karara and his brother – sergeant Gustave Karara are traumatising innocent and decent Rwandans in Belgium, their elder brother Captain Omer Karara is also traumatising oppressed, enslaved, starving and unemployed Rwandans in Rwanda.

On paper, Captain Omer Karara retired from the army. But in reality he’s still in the army and receiving salaries and other benefits as an active military operative. This is the usual military diversion, retire a military personnel from the army during the day, while being deployed within the community as a military intelligence operative.

Captain Omer Karara was born in Burundi, with criminal Paul Kagame currently shifting power to Rwandan boys and girls who were born in Burundi, this has allowed Captain Omer Karara to have substantial influence within Dictator Paul Kagame’s bloodthirsty security apparatus.

Captain Omer Karara is currently a right hand man to Brig Gen Vincent Nyakarundi, head of Rwanda’s bloodthirsty organisation, the Directorate of Military Intelligence, recently rebranded as Defence Intelligence. He is a well known goon in Kigali who ideologically believe that anyone who questions criminal Paul Kagame should die. Captain Omer Karara’s job is to collect intelligence, track, hunt and eliminate anyone perceived to be anti Kagame. He is a bloodthirsty thug.

As expected, dirty DMI operative – Jeanne Chantal Karara was in France on 17th May 21 to receive Dictator Paul Kagame and meet Major Callixte Migabo, current head of Criminal Paul Kagame’s advanced security team.

Going to Paris was more of an intelligence operation objective than merely welcoming Rwanda’s ruthless dictator who was in France to beg President Emmanuel Macron to support Rwanda’s dead economy. For over a decade, Jeanne Chantal Karara has been a key contact for military intelligence operatives who visit either Belgium or France. She is a trusted operative, and according to sources, her trip to Paris was to see Major Callixte Migabo.

Dictator Paul Kagame’s advanced security team has always transported assassination poison for distribution to respective field operatives. These military intelligence poisons cannot be detected by airport security machines because they don’t contain illegal subsubstances like cocaine or any other stimulant drug.

For years, Jeanne Chantal Karara has operated as a front runner in receiving, transporting and lodging different senior DMI – external Intelligence operatives who pass through Belgium.

Within DMI – Rwanda’s intelligence circle, she is known as “mayi mingi.” Some within DMI, especially criminal Paul Kagame’s advanced security team, they always refer her as “kuma mukononi” because of her yooyoo generosity towards them. Kagame’s boys refer her as “mayi mingi” because of unlimited squirting and these boys made a Senegalese man to run away from a marital home, after finding out he was sharing with DMI’s external wing battalion.

Criminal Paul Kagame’s boys are good on sharing yooyoos, once one tastes and finds things are good, will totally encourage another to have a try. Mzee Charles Karara’s daughter isn’t only a DMI point of contact in Belgium, but also a pleasure centre. For example ruthless assassins Lt Col Francis Gakwerere, Lt Col Franco Rutagengwa, death merchant Maj Gen Jack Nziza’s brother inlaw – Joseph Uwamungu, Col Jeannot Ruhunga….etc; have all been caught up in her Yooyoo floods. Burundian born Major Callixte Migabo may be the next operative to test the engine of this dirty DMI operative.

Prolific assassin Col Franco Rutagengwa

Jeanne Chantal Karara is trained in handling, transporting, administering and distributing assassination poison. She is totally deadly in the name of serving criminal Paul Kagame. She is an integral part of the satanic system.

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