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The Late President Laurent – Désiré Kabila’s Right Hand Man – Ally, Mzee Jeannot Mwenze Kongolo Dies.

By: Rpf Gakwerere

Jeannot Mwenze Kongolo died on Monday, June 28, 2021. Jeannot Mwenze Kongolo was one of Mzee Laurent – Désiré Kabila’s main ally and trusted confidant. Under President Laurent – Désiré Kabila, he was a right hand man, a very trusted key ally, the brain at the centre of all ruling policies and government road map.

During the late President Laurent – Désiré Kabila’s rule, Jeannot Mwenze Kongolo was in the inner circle that ruled DR Congo, an inner circle that included Joseph Kabila, Gaëtan Kakudji, Eddy Kapend, She Léonard Okitundu, Pierre-Victor Mpoyo and Abdoulaye Ndombasi.

Jeannot Mwenze Kongolo

Jeannot Mwenze Kongolo served as minister of National Security and minister of justice during the late President Laurent Désiré Kabila’s era. However, after the brutal assassination of Mzee Laurent Désiré Kabila, the new government under his son, Joseph Kabila sidelined Jeannot Mwenze Kongolo and other Kabila loyalists.

Jeannot Mwenze Kongolo came from the Luba tribe although born from Katanga. After having obtained a license in applied pedagogy, he went to USA , where he thought asylum and turn into a vocal anti Mobutu Sese Seko activist. In USA, Jeannot Mwenze Kongolo went back to University and obtained a degree in criminology. And He spent years working as a New York bailiff in the office of New York County District Attorney.

In December 1996, Jeannot Mwenze Kongolo came through Kigali to join The Alliance of Democratic Forces for the liberation of Congo (AFDL) rebellion that was led by Mzee Laurent Kabila.

In 2002, after Joseph Kabila sidelining him, Jeannot Mwenze Kongolo formed a political party, Kabilist Party, and during the recent presidential election of 30th December 2018, Jeannot Mwenze Kongolo and his one man party were under Vital Kamerhe’s political party, l’Union pour la nation congolaise (UNC). When Vital Kamerhe formed the UNC in 2010 and drawing many defectors from the ruling party. All those former allies of Mzee Laurent Désiré Kabila that had been sidelined by his son, Joseph Kabila, joined Vital Kamerhe’s UNC.

Recent photo of Mzee Jeannot Mwenze Kongolo

Despite his political brilliance and eloquence, Mzee Jeannot Mwenze Kongolo was totally frustrated by all means and put on Katebe (sidelined) since 2002 to the time of his death on 28th June 2021. He died a frustrated man, financially challenged and always telling his closest friends that his worst mistake was to leave his job in New York to come and join dirty Congolese politics. Mzee Jeannot Mwenze Kongolo was a nationalist, anti corruption activist who didn’t embezzle any penny despite being a key player in Mzee Laurent Désiré Kabila’s inner circle.

RIP, Mzee Jeannot Mwenze Kongolo

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