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LETTER FROM Prossy Boona

Hello, friends and every body that we meet on this street of face book.

I hope that your enjoying this holiday, just like I am. As usual, I am trying to touch base with you guys as we used to say back in high school. In the past whole week, I have been mobbed with so many messages in my inbox and I have seen some on tweeter by some people that use Psuedo accounts, such as princess from the south.

I want to inform you that I am not bothered by these messages from Rwanda’s “Intorehamwe” I would be lying to you, because as a rights defender, I have been trained to stand all that and more.

However, for anybody to ask me as to why I criticise the government of Rwanda, well knowing that, this same government has been illegally holding my husband in the safe house for the last four years, while deploying RDF and arming Red Tabara and Mai Mai to destroy the banyamulengye community in south Kivu, is quite laughable.

I have recently learnt that its becoming increasingly dangerous to be a neighbor of Rwanda when you want to protect your sovereignty, by asserting your authority and showing boundaries, without Rwanda calling you an enemy state, while for individual people like me and others who are related to this country in one or another, automatically become endangered species, the moment we come out to speak against the right violations and oppression of the people, by that government.

For example, we are expected to pay allegiance to Rwanda even if we are just remotely connected to it and failure to do so, we are called operatives of ISO and members of RNC, like I saw on tweeter run by DMI operative, under Psuedo name princess from the south.

Anyway, I want to tell her/him and all those that have been branding me as this and that, if ISO and CMI, who are security organs in Uganda have and continue to clean up this country of Rwanda’s spies and operatives that had brought insecurity to most of us, then I am proud to be associated with them.

And if RNC is an organization that stands for freedom, justice and cival liberties, like me, then I am its member by default, because that this is what I stand for.

As for me helping the family of Cassien Ntamuhanga, ( the prison breaker) who are said to be seeking for asylum in Uganda from Rwanda, I haven’t seen them, but if they are truly looking for me to help them, I will gladly help them because I stand for humanity and helping people in need is my passion.

Lastly for my friends and relatives, who keep accusing me of hating Rwanda, I am under no obligation to love a country that I don’t only belong to, but one that has brought pain to me and my family.

Till next time, let me go and enjoy this idd with my Muslim friends.

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