Thursday , 30 May 2024
‘‘ Freedoms, democracy, human rights and rights to live are none negotiable ’’


By: Ben Mugisha.

Rwandan leaders have learnt nothing and forgotten nothing from their history the reason the current leadership led by brutal Paul Kagame has resorted to assassinations and oppression of her own citizens.

No question Rwanda is a police state where their brutal ruler Kagame, is a constitution, president, legislator, judiciary and appointing authority .

Rwanda is known for genocide since it gained its independence from Belgium/France in the 60s.Unlike past governments of Kayibanda and Habyalimana where only tutsi were only being brutalized, the RPF government has oppressed, assassinated and maimed both Tutsi and Hutus but what makes Kagames government tick is that they are at war with all her neighbours save for only DRC now managed by accidental President Felix Tshisekedi.

Blackmailing and playing gallery politics is their political logo. The baganda say akabwa akasilu kabogolera enjovu that a stupid dog barks at a giant Lion.

After the Katuna /Gatuna meeting by heads of State, Rwanda News paper outlets have been awash with wild allegations against the person of the President of Uganda. KTpress Rwanda, had a headline titled Ugandan president peddles own propaganda in tarnishing Rwanda for problems of his own doing.

They allege that Uganda houses and trains Rwanda’s dissidents for regime change. Okay assuming it’s TRUE, and Uganda is directly supporting these purported dissidents would Kagame still be occupying Rwanda’s Statehouse? When Uganda supported them against the Habyalimana regime they know what happened.

Rwanda don’t export your own problems to Uganda. Rwanda is the only country in the world that strips off citizenship of an individual as if one applied to be born a Rwandan.

Uganda in the current standoff with Rwanda has shown maturity and Diplomacy even when they are attacked.

Rwanda closed their Gatuna border to blackmail Kampala, indeed a shithole country like Rwanda after IMF and World Bank discovered that Rwanda has been feeding world bodies with fake economic figures to suit their interests, they blamed Uganda. This tiny and barren country now claim closing the Gatuna border is to their advantage but when in actual sense not, as Rwandans are dying of hunger since Uganda is a food basket of the region.

Why this country now crying for Kampala to fire CMI boss Brig Abel kanduho and ISO boss col Bagyenda Kaka?

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