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‘‘ Freedoms, democracy, human rights and rights to live are none negotiable ’’


By: Rpf Gakwerere

Notorious external intelligence operative Captain Bwayitare is no more. Captain Eulade Bwitare known within Rwanda intelligence circle as Bwayitare operated under external tracking department which is attached to the Directorate of Military Intelligence, now rebranded as Defence Intelligence.

For years, Captain Bwitare operated directly under Maj Gen Jack Nziza and Gen James Kabarebe. In external intelligence, Captain Eulade Bwitare was involved in tracking and elimination planning. Innocent Rwandans died under his operations.

Captain Bwitare was among the ruthless operatives in DMI who were born in DR Congo. He was among the few people who were born from DR Congo to be deployed in criminal Paul Kagame’s bloodthirsty DMI. Death merchant Maj Gen Jack Nziza used to call him “umucongo.” He was Jack Nziza’s trusted operative.

When his health started deteriorating, Rwanda’s external intelligence relocated him to Belgium where they supported him to obtain asylum under bogus claims and started accessing free first class health system.

In Belgium, Captain Eulade Bwitare continued coordinating DMI intelligence operations of intelligence – information gathering, surveillance and guiding Kigali assassins who frequent Europe for operations.

While getting free first class medical treatment in Belgium for a disease that everyone within Rwanda’s intelligence services knew, people expected Captain Bwayitare (Bwitare) to leave his crimes behind, and try to repent for his human rights atrocities, instead he continued coordinating DMI intelligence activities in Europe.

When assassins are killing innocent people, they forget that one day they will also follow their victims. When they assassinated Col Patrick Karegeya et al., they celebrated blindly assuming that they will live indefinitely, but not. In Captain Eulade Bwitare‘s key targets, there was Major Jean Marie Micombero, Seruga Titus, Rugema Kayumba, Alex Rudasingwa, Placide Kayumba…etc. And among the key targets in Europe, all are still alive.

As Rwanda’s ambassador to Belgium, Olivier Nduhungirehe, a notorious regime loudspeaker established a close working relationship with Captain Bwitare, and they became good friends. Dumped regime loudspeaker must be mourning the loss of his job and a friend. For Olivier Nduhungirehe, this is a bad Easter weekend.

In one of the photo below, in red jumper, it is Aimable Bayingana a notorious regime operative who was embedded to spy his fellow Hutus, Aimable Bayingana has sent very many innocent people to their graves. In the middle, with a white sweater – Fidel Sugira, an operative based in Norway and Captain Eulade Bwitare in a brown jacket and hat. The other photo is of Captain Bwayitare during a function at Rwanda’s embassy in Belgium.

DMI operatives, from left, Aimable Bayingana, Fidel Sugira and Eulade Bwitare 
Captain Eulade Bwitare

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