Thursday , 22 February 2024
‘‘ Freedoms, democracy, human rights and rights to live are none negotiable ’’


By: Rpf Gakwerere

1) Ange Kagame is currently extremely stressed due to health condition of the baby, child. According to family source, the baby isn’t breast feeding well, refusing baby milk and always with high temperature. The health of the baby is stressing the co-President of the potato enclave – Rwanda.

Ange Kagame

2) Another co – President Jeannette Nzirorera Kajuga Gasana Kagame is also stressed due to health condition of her mother. All historical RPF cadres know very well on her on and off health issues, but of recently, her condition has worsened.

Jeannette Gasana Kagame holding her grandchild

3) Criminal Paul Kagame is not at all dead, except constant headaches, but his still conducting killings, terrorism and economic plundering functions as normal; and following his treatment program given to him after a brain tumour surgery in U.K. According to this family source, dictator Paul Kagame is also treating an ear infection.

Criminal Paul Kagame

4) First Son, Ivan Cyomoro Kagame, Potato Enclave’s Prince is still enjoying life in USA, he doesn’t give any single damn about the potato enclave, his father’s dictatorship or having power. What he only needs from Rwanda, it’s only dollars from state coffers so that he may continue living his extravagant life in USA, jetting between San Francisco, New York and Boston. The first son is living the usual first class lifestyle that all oppressed and enslaved Rwandans know about, nothing new with his extreme extravagant lifestyle.

Ivan Cyomoro Kagame

While the young sister is grabbing power, oppressing, enslaving and tasting blood of innocent citizens; Ivan Cyomoro Kagame is chewing dollars courtesy of oppressed and enslaved tax payers.

Ivan Cyomoro Kagame

Dear oppressed, enslaved, starving and unemployed Rwandans, keep your oppressive royal family in your prayers.

Corporal is a mere messenger, unfortunately, under criminal Paul Kagame even messengers aren’t spared, except those messengers who praises their bloodthirsty totalitarianism and adore them as Demi-gods.

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