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A Dead Country – DR Congo

By: Rpf Gakwerere

In DR Congo, each region has its Parliament, a regional parliamentarian receives a monthly salary of more than $ 7000 USA dollars, including seating allowances.

They have also have a country’s Parliament, each Member of Parliament to the country’s National Assembly receives approximately $14000 USA dollars per month, including seating allowances, minus other benefits i.e leading a parliamentary committee.

For national senators, I was recently told by a Congolese politician that salaries for national senators is currently knocking at $18000 USA dollars per month, when you add all benefits.

DR Congo, has the most generous salaries in the world for political appointees or elected officials. These generous salary schemes which are regularly revised have allowed respective DR Congo’s Presidents to micro manage DR Congo’s political elites.

While a primary and secondary teacher in government school receives a monthly salary ranging from $30 – $ 40 dollars per month for those outside cities, and those in cities receives a monthly salary ranging from $50 to $70 dollars. And in most cases, their peanut salaries arrive late.

Angola, Rwanda, Burundi and now Central Africa Republic is flooded with excellent Congolese teachers who have relocated to these respective countries due to next to zero salaries in DR Congo.

For my fellow corporals in Armed Forces of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, things are totally and totally bad. They take home a monthly salary of $30. And in most cases they can go for months without being paid their monthly salaries. An army corporal that is at least doing well, is that one escorting a senior government official or senior military commander, the rest are living in stinking poverty alongside their immediate families.

Salaries for junior civil servants is totally alarming, it doesn’t match the cost of living in their respective cities. Most junior civil servants receives a monthly salary ranging from $30 to $100, and civil servants have topped up their peanut salaries by being extremely corrupt. Like many African countries, corruption is a serious cancer in DR Congo.

DR Congo is a blessed Country, it is a Country with extremely excellent soil, all types of minerals, blessed with clean water, a vast territory and beautiful climate for any type of farming. DR Congo has the potential to become the basket of Africa, to become a dream Country that is developed to Western standards. Unfortunately, the country lacks leadership and now they are being ruled by a clueless accidental president from Matonge.

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