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DRC – Kenya Diplomatic Wrangle: DRC Government Recalls Its Ambassador In Kenya And EAC

After President William Ruto hosting Dictator Paul Kagame’s TERRORISTS who are causing havoc in DR Congo, and allowing Kenya to be used as operation hub and safe haven for anti DR Congo elements, DR Congo government should go after Equity Bank (Kenya Equity Group Holdings), where both William Ruto and Criminal Paul Kagame families have hidden shares.

In June 14, 2023, Kenya Equity Group Holdings (EGH) acquired 91.93% of COGEBANQUE, a bank that Criminal Paul Kagame grabbed from different shareholders (Rwandans) and turned it into a family business. The Kagame family now have shares in Kenya Equity Holdings, a bank that is currently being used by the the Kagame family as one of their vessel for money laundering.

Equity Bank (Kenya Equity Group Holdings) is making profits in DR Congo’s vast and profitable banking sector. DR Congo government should operate like western countries, who always go after the economic interests of those who are trying to destabilise their respective countries i.e Iran, Sudan, Russia, Yemen, North Korea…etc.

President William Ruto should stop Kagame’s TERRORISTS from using his country as Criminal Paul Kagame’s backyard for his criminal activities. Kenya should be a neutral partner on DR Congo’s internal affairs, Peace maker rather than supporting those causing havoc and plunder to a sister country, DR Congo.

Today Saturday, morning, 16 December 2023, the Kenyan Ambassador to DR Congo George Masafu has been summoned by DR Congo’s ministry of foreign affairs to go and explain why Kenya was used by anti DR Congo terrorists to form a Political – military alliance. RDF-M23 was present, the terror organization was the mastermind of this alliance – Alliance Fleuve Congo/Congo River Alliance that was formed yesterday, Friday in Nairobi, Kenya.

George Masafu, Kenya’s ambassador to DR Congo

The DR Congo also recalled its ambassador in Kenya after the alliance between Nangaa and RDF-M23. According to information from Jeune Afrique, Kinshasa recalled its ambassadors to Nairobi as well as to the East African Community, a few days before the presidential election on December 20, 2023.

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