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Dictator Paul Kagame Accelerates The Hunt Down Of Maj Robert Higiro

By: Rpf Gakwerere

Will Maj Robert Higiro be the highest profile Rwandan to be kidnapped this year – 2022 by criminal Paul Kagame and his bloodthirsty agent? Information from sources within DMI indicates that Criminal Paul Kagame wants him live or dead. The hunt for kidnapping or elimination of Maj Robert Higiro is covering three continents.

Head of parade Maj Robert Higiro alongside Dictator Paul Kagame

One of criminal Paul Kagame’s former agent is back on the flame, and fully operational in the pocket of criminal Paul Kagame, a key element and planner in the hunt of Maj Robert Higiro.

Maj Robert Higiro at the congressional hearing – senate Subcommittee on Africa, Global Health and Global Human Rights  in USA

The hunt for Major Robert Higiro takes me back to double agent Kale Kayihura’s dark days. During double agent Kale Kayihura’s terror reign, no single kidnapping that happened without the approval of this individual – name withheld for a while, but this bloodthirsty character is well known even by the international community for his role in kidnapping innocent Rwandans. But without any single doubt, God isn’t on the side of bloodthirsty kidnappers and killers.

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