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By: Rpf Gakwerere

In criminal Paul Kagame’s Rwanda, all human rights atrocities are manufactured at Village Urugwiro, dictator Paul Kagame’s official office.

Like other nasty operations to character assassinate or kill political opponents, the operation to character assassinate Dr Christopher Kayumba was decided and manufactured at Village Urugwiro with blessings from the ruthless ruler, Dictator Paul Kagame. And the task was delegated to a ruthless Congolese within the administration – Yolande Makolo. This is an extreme ruthless and notorious character who has destroyed careers of very many innocent people. She is pitiless and cold-hearted like her boss – Dictator Paul Kagame.

Yolande Makolo is a well known ruthless, notorious and ill mannered congolese within Dictator Paul Kagame’s office, she is the ruler’s spokeswoman and head of operation in the Office of Government Spokesperson. She is a goon who hates Rwandans to the core, she isn’t bothered how the satanic regime of which she serves kidnaps, incarcerates, tortures or kills; for her, it’s about regime survival. She is a pure heartless mercenary in criminal Paul Kagame’s office.

Yolande Makolo, extremely ruthless Congolese in Dictator Paul Kagame’s office

Notorious Yolande Makolo is a Congolese because her father is a Kasai, 100% Congolese without any single Rwandan blood. In the 1980s, Nairobi, Kenya, Makolo the father, was a dealer of smuggled gold. Unlike the daughter, he was a gentleman and extremely kind.

On the 16th March 2021, after Dr Christopher Kayumba launching his political movement, Rwandese Platform for Democracy (RPD), Village Urugwiro set rolling on how they can destroy him, and the task was given to Yolande Makolo. And it’s Yolande Makolo who decided to move in with a bogus sex scandal.

Over the years, criminal Paul Kagame has weaponised fabricated sex scandals as lethal weapon to destroy his political opponents, and his assistant Yolande Makolo has mastered the art of using this destructive weapon. This time, the target is Christopher Kayumba.

Who was to be given this mission of character assassinating Dr Christopher Kayumba other than Yolande Makolo, a self styled expert in tarnishing and destroying names of decent human beings – Rwandans.

Yolande Makolo set the motion rolling through her network of DMI/NISS agents that are attached to Dictator Paul Kagame’s office, with the support of Military Intelligence/NISS controlled media outlets.

As noted above, on 16th March 2021, Dr Christopher Kayumba launched his political movement, Rwandese Platform for Democracy (RPD), and next day, 17th March 2021, Silva Kamaraba, a well known intelligence operative who reports to Dictator Paul Kagame’s office went on twitter and splashed the sexual allegation on behalf of a ‘friend.’ And the incident took place in 2017.

After Silva Kamaraba’s tweets on behalf of a ‘friend,’ DMI owned and managed media outlets published the bogus allegation. The cooked allegation was craftily being coordinated by a ruthless Congolese – Yolande Makolo.

Nasty intelligence agent Kamaraba Silva, and her connection with ruthless Congolese, Yolande Makolo.

In Rwanda’s social circle, everyone knows Kamaraba Silva as a ruthless state agent attached to President’s office. Over the years, she has managed to penetrate Kigali’s social circle and journalists. She has managed to build a network of contacts in Rwanda’s entertainment industry and media personnel. She has also managed to penetrate the LGBT community in Rwanda.

Silva Kamaraba, a well-known heartless National Intelligence and Security Services

Like most state agents embedded within the society, to camouflage her intelligence job, NISS got her a receptionist job in a private company. But heartless Silva Kamaraba is the point of contact whenever Yolande Makolo wants to hit a target. Within OGS (Office of Government Spokesperson), she is known as Yolande’s attack dog.

Silva Kamaraba is also among the few girls who are responsible with distributing elimination poison to female field operatives in case of an assassination. And according to reliable sources within Rwanda’s National Intelligence and Security Services (NISS), she is in privy of many poison eliminations that takes place in Kigali.

Dr Christopher Kayumba isn’t the first person that the dual, Yolande Makolo and Silva Kamaraba have used the sexual weapon in trying to character assassinate the target.

In 2018, the dual went after a descent man, journalist Athan Tashobya. They wanted to destroy his career, through a bogus sexual case. When the case came to court, the a plaintiff/accuser didn’t appear in court and the case was dismissed by the court. By this time, an innocent man’s name was already destroyed, stressed and suspended from his job due to a manufactured case that was later dismissed by the court because the accuser failed to appear.

In 2019, ruthless Congolese, Yolande Makolo went after a fellow work colleague at the Office of Government Spokesperson, Kim Kamasa, because of mere jealous and filling insecure for her position. Yolande Makolo felt her job was threatened due to Kim Kamasa’s potential. And for her survival, Kim Kamasa had to be destroyed by all means necessary, and she unleashed the sexual allegation weapon upon him. Like other cases, Yolande Makolo used her attack pet Karamba Silva to set the motion rolling. In this case, they used Kim Kamasa’s side chick who was also a junior worker at the Office of Government Spokesperson. Due to pressure from the heartless Congolese, Kim Kamasa resigned from his position/job, and the case had a natural death because the devil had achieved what she wanted, job security.

For the past decade, Yolande Makolo has traumatised journalists in Rwanda. And journalists are extremely fearful of her, to the extent that some see her as a Demigod. She prides herself on destroying careers of decent people, and now, it’s the turn of Dr Christopher Kayumba to be destroyed by an operation plan controlled by Yolande Makolo, and blessed by criminal Paul Kagame.

In this round of politically fabricated bogus scandal, the dual,  heartless Yolande Makolo and Silva Kamaraba have deployed a well known National Intelligence and Security Services operative, Naringwa Muthoni Fiona, who was recruited in NISS in 2015 under the protocol ‘department.’ In this drama, Naringwa Muthoni Fiona has played the lethal weapon. Naringwa Muthoni Fiona has participated in several NISS operations mainly targeting foreign dignitaries who are on working visits in Rwanda.

For example, in her Intelligence operations, Naringwa Muthoni Fiona has provided NISS with compromising images of foreign dignitaries, stolen laptops and phones of targeted foreign dignitaries, and these gadgets usually possess sensitive information. The slay queen and ‘journalist’ image she always portrays are covers to hide her attachment to Rwanda’s notorious National Intelligence and Security Services.

Naringwa Muthoni Fiona, National Intelligence and Security Services operative.

Now, Naringwa Muthoni Fiona is being guided by other ruthless female operative in a drive to send an innocent man to criminal Paul Kagame’s hell dungeon. Infront of criminal Paul Kagame, it is a crime to question his crminal excesses, and the only ‘crime’ Dr Christopher Kayumba has committed is joining politics and starting a new political platform.

If you oppose Rwanda’s bloodthirsty killer – dictator Paul Kagame, there are three options for you, 1) Assassination/disappearance 2) Incarceration 3) Exile.

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