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Soon Criminal Paul Kagame’s Red Tabara Terror Group Will Be History

By: Rpf Gakwerere

Soon Criminal Paul Kagame’s terrorist group of Red Tabara will be history. Red Tabara, a terror group that has been committing Genocide against Banyamulenge in South Kivu was formed and trained in Rwanda, logistically supported and directed by criminal Paul Kagame. Since 2015 to present, criminal Paul Kagame’s terror group – Red Tabara has been plundering South Kivu, displacing, looting and Killing Banyamulenge.

Red Tabara is composed of Burundian refugees and participants of 2015 Burundian failed Coup d’etat against the former Burundian president, the late Peter Nkurunziza. A coup d’etat that was planned, logistically supported and led by criminal Paul Kagame. Than taking their war to Burundi, instead, criminal Paul Kagame unleashed this terror group against defenceless innocent citizens, Banyamulenge in South Kivu.

Red Tabara has political grievances with the government of Burundi, why spend six years looting, displacing and killing Congolese – Banyamulenge? This is because, the terror group is led, controlled and directed by criminal Paul Kagame who has different agendas as opposed to members of this brutal terrorist group.

After years of committing all types of human rights atrocities against Banyamulenge, now, this terrorist organisation – Red Tabara is facing fire, real fire, and soon the terror group will be history.

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