Monday , 5 December 2022
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By: Rpf Gakwerere

R.I.P to Burundi born Sergeant Camir Nkirunziza, a former member of criminal Paul Kagame’s presidential guard brigade and assassinated yesterday 30th May 19 at the orders of Pilato.

Criminal Paul Kagame kidnapped your brother Sergeant Innocent Kalisa from Uganda to his dungeon in the enclave, but you didn’t give up with the struggle. And the junta regime has now assassinated you and this heinous act won’t change anything, especially in the fight against Pilato’s dictatorship. People will continue resisting against this SATANIC SYSTEM until it goes back to where it belongs, and that is hell.

As Iranian novolist, Marjane Satrapi once noted in her novel – The Complete Persepolis, “Our fear paralyzes us. Besides, fear has always been the driving force behind all dictators’ repression.”

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