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‘‘ Freedoms, democracy, human rights and rights to live are none negotiable ’’


By: Rpf Gakwerere

We all know what is happening in king’s palace. After the extramarital scandals that involved a child, we know how the royal family disintegrated in internal fights until president Museveni intervened to calm the situation.

Now, it’s merely a marriage of convenience. We all know that husband and wife live in different addresses; Village Urugwiro, Gabiro military barracks, Gitarama and Muhazi has been addresses used by estranged couples.

Since 2015, Pilato and his estranged wife have lived a life of separation only for the wife to be called when she is needed for specific functions.

For example, in the past two months, they have travelled on different private jets to attend graduation functions of their children in USA, with Pilato using his new Gulf stream G 650 ER and estranged wife travelling on Bombardier Global Express, all these extravagant expenses are courtesy of oppressed tax payers in the enclave.

Last month, May 2019, before going for the graduation of his daughter – Ange Kagame, Pilato made a stopover in France to pick a T shirt gift from Young Presidents’ Organization Paris Chapter, from here, joining his estranged wife who had travelled straight from Kigali to USA on Bombardier Global Express jet.

Then this month of June 2019, Pilato first attended the burial ceremony of pro democracy activist – Mzee Etienne TSHISEKEDI in Kinshasa before joining the estranged wife in USA who had again travelled with a private jet – Bombardier Global Express from Kigali to USA for the graduation of Ian Kagame Gasana. Internal family wrangles are costing oppressed taxpayers in the enclave so heavily.

Currently, Pilato’s consortium Crystal venture owns 4 private jets, and its these private jets that are hired by the junta government to transport the criminal ruler and his family in their endless travels around the world. In short, Pilato the ruler hires private jets from Pilato the businessman to transport Pilato the ruler and his family. The highest form of day time state embezzlement.

Obviously, Pilato’s Public Relations team will now and then release photos to show the family as a united batch and softer side of the criminal ruler. But the reality is different. The couple are leading a different lifestyle with Pilato having several concubines and the wife eating from the sideline (story for another day.)

A family person is that one who considers that others have the right to having a family. Children having the rights to see their parents, wives having the rights to see their husbands or children. The right to live and exist.You can’t oppress,  kidnap, incarcerate, torture and assassinate; then your P.R machine comes out with P.R photos depicting you as a family loving man. Family love and human carnage don’t correlate.

This past Sunday, 16 June 2019, while humanity was celebrating father’s day, millions of Rwandans are orphans courtesy of criminal Paul Kagame’s brutality.

To criminal Paul Kagame,  being  cruel is a personal norm, he has used terror as a weapon to rule. His unrelenting thirst for power and recognition will continue seeing more father’s being sent to there graves by this ruthless vampire.Below is one of the photos, that his P.R machine always portrays to show Pilato as a family man. Ignoring the fact that this man has denied the existence and happiness of millions of families.

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