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By: Dr Gideon Rukundo

1. He was admitted at King Faizal Hospital following his trip from Europe for nearly a week.
2. However, as he continued to deteriorate as international and family pressure mounted, the government of Rwanda allowed Dr Richard Sezibera to travel abroad. Rwanda’s top Military officers took over from his family (His,family never accompanied him on the flight). A Helicopter airlifted him to the airport, where an AMREF Air Ambulance was waiting to airlift him to a country in the region. The Working diagnosis was ‘FOOD POISONING’ – a bogus diagnosis.’ No amount of non malicious food poisoning would require for a patient to be transferred from one city to another.

3. He was transferred in a few days to another destination. Rwandan Propagandists have been all over the place saying that Dr Richard Sezibera is at home resting. However, the truth is that Dr Richard Sezibera is NOT at his home.

4. One wonders what the government of Rwanda is attempting to hide by conducting these secret transfers of a public official.

5. Thanks to all of you Medics from all over the world who have continued to stay true to your oath, especially the team in Nairobi:

Thou Shall do no harm.

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