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By: Prossy Boona

Dear all, friends and followers here, I hope that you are all doing well.

Today I am writing in response to Rwandan agents who have taunted me for the last four and a half years, since my husband’s kidnap and I coming out to speak about this grave injustice done to him and many others.

Before I divulge into that, I am sending my kudos, to all those people that told me that the MOU signed between Rwanda and Uganda a few weeks back was simply for Kodak moment and I insisted, I hate to admit that you told me so.

I am also celebrating the life of one of the great revolutionary sons of Africa, who despite all his shortfalls, understood the fact that there would never be true liberation for the people of Matabele land with out land itself, my greatest take away from Robert Mugabe’s life and legacy is giving back one of the factors of production to the Zimbabweans, so rest in power gallant son of Africa.

Going back to my cousins from the South, who have moved from threatening me with deaths, to blackmailing me and tagging me to their opposition groups, to now diverting me from speaking up against the kind of human rights violations being done to our people, by advising me to go looking for my husband in DR Congo.

Yes, I have seen your numerous messages and messengers, and yes I have evidence both in hard core form and soft form, and I am keeping them as evidences to be used against your junta government at the right time.

For instance, I know it for a fact that the day Rwema was kidnapped, the operation was headed by Lt Col Francis Gakwerere and Col Franco Rutagengwa, who got orders from Gen Jack Nziza, that had in turn been instructed by Gen James Kabarebe, who also received a green light from the Emperor himself, and although the president gave this green light, it was as a result of so much false information given to him by Gen James Kabarebe himself.

In other words, after Rwema refusing to be infused in the evil plans of Rwanda to invade and annihilate banyamulengye people of DR Congo, the leadership in Rwanda decided to get him out of the way by kidnapping him and keeping him in their safe houses.

Gendarme Rwema kidnapped by DMI agents from Uganda in 2015

After the mission to get Rwema out of circulation was accomplished, he was taken to Nyarutarama for interrogation, he was later moved to a place called “Kwagacinya” from where he was later transferred to Gikondo in a house next to Jack’s house, Jack a cousin brother to Jeannette Kagame, who is also a personal trainer to the first family, this house where Rwema resided in 2018 was manned by an RDF soldier that came from Burundi and his rank wasn’t known by any of his colleagues and always reported to Emperor himself.

Having found out that I know all this, Rwama was moved to Kibagabaga, in another house that was under the supervision of Richard Murefu, a brother to the first lady still, he was later moved, when Karake Karenzi was brought to this same safe house and taken to where he is right now.

Prossy Boona, wife to Gendarme Rwema

I have written all this, so that all Kigali agents trying to divert me and populating my in box with fake information, that I have evidence that my husband is in your safe houses and on top of all this, I have audios and photos of himself in all those places, so please stop wasting your time trying to divert me.

As for James Kabarebe, I have met several people that he helped escape the junta regime as well as those he landed in trouble, through his machiavellian methods of acquiring power by keeping his boss in paranoid mode and thus leading him to make big political mistakes that they will all end up paying for.

Ooh and before I forget, not all people in the Rwandan government are blind to its excesses, not even those soldiers you give orders to execute people are all heartless, yes they have a heart beating between their chest and they sense injustice when they see it and would like to let you know even on the day that you will have him killed, since he has become a pain in your shoes, I will know even the person that will pull a trigger on him and under whose orders.

treacherous assassin – Gen James Kabarebe. The planner and architecture of the kidnapping

As for all of you trying to talk to me about James Kabarebe’s goodness, I understand that in a society like yours, devoid of real men, cowards like Kabarebe who won’t hesitate to go verbally loose on their former colleagues and comrades, so as to save their sorry self and live to see another day are unfortunately admired. But as for me, I have no sympathy let alone admiration for his kind, for my respect and admiration is only a preserve of great men with some balls and courage.

Till next time, cheers

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