Saturday , 3 December 2022
‘‘ Freedoms, democracy, human rights and rights to live are none negotiable ’’


By: Rpf Gakwerere

According dictactor Paul Kagame, Lt Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba, Odrek Rwabwogo, Brig Gen Abel Kandiho, Maj Gen Steven Sabiiti, Col Kaka Bagyenda and Major General Don William Nabasa have to be destroyed before a forced regime change can happen in Uganda. To criminal Paul Kagame and his satanic system, the elimination of Lt Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba would cause instability within the NRM ruling system, followed with a violent crackdown that would tarnish the image of the Ugandan government and the country in general and a counter reaction against the crackdown which would overwhelm the NRM leadership, thus the collapse of the NRM government in Uganda.

In a briefing to criminal Paul Kagame, treacherous assassin Gen James Kabarebe told his criminal boss, how the assignment to eliminate president Museveni has failed on different occasions. In different platforms, I have posted writings on how the satanic system ruling the potato enclave has attempted 4 times to eliminate Mzee Museveni, but all occasions, Uganda’s intelligence agencies intercepting the plan before it happens.

On one occasion, French intelligence agency – The General Directorate for External Security warned Uganda’s Intelligence agencies on a planned assassination against President Museveni on his way to a COMESA general meeting in Burundi; and the 2018 meeting was relocated to Lusaka, Zambia. According to sources, treacherous assassin Gen James Kabarebe’s operatives within J3 had planned to down President Museveni’s jet as it landed at Bujumbura airport.

Currently, the president of Burundi, president Peter Nkurunziza has spent 4 years without leaving the country, or using Bujumbura airport, you need to see intelligence briefings which where passed to him by three different countries to appreciate his security worries. This is a topic of another day.

Back to our topic, after failing to eliminate president Museveni, the option that was left for criminal Paul Kagame it’s either a convention war of which they have no single chance of winning let alone change a government through this method or what they are currently doing, supporting subversive activities inside Uganda and this has failed to materialise with criminal Paul Kagame’s DMI agents being picked from left and right by patriotic Ugandans, and deported to their potato enclave.

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