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IS Uganda waiting for another Jamal Khashoggi Moment?

By: Gideon Rukundo

The Rwandan Embassy in Kamwokya hides behind diplomatic immunity to commit terrorism.

They were handling most of the Rwandan criminals presently in prison.

We know they are still involved in coordinating criminal activities. Time has come for our citizen rights to be respected ahead of international diplomacy.
Maj. Gen Frank Mugambage is running a criminal operation out of that embassy with the help of Col Burabyo, Major Ismail Baguma ( borrowed name) and a whole host new operatives who are using UAE phone numbers

We are calling upon our Foreign Affairs Minister Hon #Sam #Kutesa and Hon #Okello #Oryem to send these diplomats back home.

The unknown character in a white shirt 👇🏾is using +971553884565

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