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By: Rpf Gakwerere

Year: 1987

Location: Kamukuzi Mbarara

Address: Mzee Katanywa’s house

Visitor: 57Kg skinny NRA fighter Major Paul Kagame.

NRA Nickname: Afande Pilato

Purpose of the visit: To chat up his dream girl, the girl that made young Paul Kagame have wet dreams since his Ntare school days.

The Girl: From Mzee Katanywa’s family.

Mental status of Paul Kagame alias Pilato: He was feeling good and bouncing around like a cock. He had just been promoted to a Major. Despite being among the 27 NRA fighters who attacked Kabamba barracks on 6th February 1981, after the liberation struggle he was given the rank of a captain due to minimal contribution in the NRA struggle. While others were fighting, he was screening new recruits at the training wing and punishing those who dared to desert. Don’t be mistaken, he wasn’t any normal Captain, his brutality was well documented by NRA fighters.

Car Driven by newly promoted Major Paul Kagame: White Peugeot 404.

At Mzee Katanywa’s house: Major Paul Kagame who had skills on approaching sugar mummies struggled to approach George Katanywa’s sister.

Case reference for being a smart wire (umufubuzi): In his A level days at Old Kampala senior Secondary school he was always after sugar mummies, and one of the many reasons he dropped out of A level school and turned into a Mufere (conman along Wilson and William streets).

Major Paul Kagame alias Pilato’s chatting up approach: on this day, he looked serious with few measured words, pretending to be shy. No single love or intimacy word to the targeted girl. Words like I love you, I admire you, I cherish you, I am always thinking about you…etc; disappeared from Major Paul Kagame’s vocabulary. He was mentally paralysed by seeing the girl he fancied since his Ntare school days.

What they served Major Paul Kagame: Major Paul Kagame alias Pilato was given tea, the dude nearly finished the whole flask full of milk tea.

Leaving the house: After two hours of seating at Mzee Katanywa’s house, and struggling to tell the girl what brought him, Major Paul Kagame left the house and headed to Mbarara town.

What those left behind thought: Those who were at Mzee Katanywa’s compound thought the spy man had just passed by to say hi.


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