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By: Rpf Gakwerere

Year: 1987

Location: Kampala & Jinja

The Social attacker: 57Kg skinny NRA fighter Major Paul Kagame.

NRA Nickname: Afande Pilato

Residential address of Paul Kagame alias Afande Pilato: During this time, it was Kololo.

The targeted girl:
A beautiful mixed race girl. The father was a Musoga and mother a mucotara (mixed race) with Ugandan and Oman blood. The mother’s family was well known in Kamuli.

Employment status of the girl in 1987:
She was a 3rd year student, studying Bachelor of Commerce at Makerere university.

Address of the social target: Africa Hall, Makerere University.

Mental status of Paul Kagame alias Pilato:
He was obsessed with wealth. The rogue spy was at this time protecting conmen/women (Bafere) in Kampala. These were mafia elements that he knew before being picked from streets by Gen Fred Rwigema.

After dropping out of his A level at Old Kampala senior Secondary school, he turned into a Mufere (conman along Wilson and William streets). After the NRA liberation struggle, Afande Pilato’s street conmen (Bafere) buddies were still on streets of Kampala.

For oppressed and enslaved Rwandans, they think Criminal Paul Kagame’s obsession with wealth started when he became their ruler. His thirsty for wealth at all cost started when he dropped out of A level in 1977 at the age of 20 years.

How did Paul Kagame alias Afande Pilato meet this beautiful mixed race girl?:
Major Paul Kagame was returning from the eastern frontline were he had travelled to be briefed by Brigade and battalion intelligence officers. There was Alice Lakwena rebellion which was always referred in the western press as millennial rebellion. This rebellion was looming in north – Eastern Uganda.

On his way back to Kampala, Afande Pilato decided to visit Captain William Bagire who had just been posted at Gaddafi Barracks in Jinja as head of training. Captain William Bagire decided to take his visitor for lunch in central Jinja at a restaurant owned by the father of the girl. The restaurant was along Nile Avenue.

Captain William Bagire who was a regular customer at this restaurant introduced Afande Pilato to the owner, this is when the restaurant owner asked Afande Pilato if he could give a lift to his daughter who was returning to university after a weekend, and Pilato agreed.

Trip from Jinja to Kampala:
What would you expect when you put together a starving hyena with fresh meat. When Afande Pilato saw the girl, the lust for jigjig was aroused, admiring her from facial to toe. It is only God who knows the vibe Afande Pilato went telling this girl all the way from Jinja up to Makerere where he dropped her.

The military driver for Paul Kagame alias Pilato:
While on duty, Afande Pilato was always driven by a teso boy from Soroti. When it comes to this boy, Afande Pilato who is known for his hate, loved and liked corporal Eragu. He had snatched Corporal Eragu from Gen Fred Rwigama’s convoy after crying to him that he needed a trusted driver. In few weeks, Corporal Eragu had learnt Afande Pilato’s erratic and deranged behaviours, and adapted on ways to handle him by being submissive. If Corporal Eragu was still alive, he would have gone to Rwanda with his boss.

For example, in late 1986, after a two month counter intelligence course in Cuba, Afande Pilato returned and found Corporal Eragu had been redeployed in Northern Uganda. He requested for him to be returned, within a week he was back in Kampala driving around the rogue spy.

Paul Kagame alias Afande Pilato benching at Makerere University:
Those days their was no communication gadgets as we see today. Communication was either through landline, telegram, fax, postal letters or physical contact (face to face).

Afande Pilato didn’t waste time, he started visiting the girl at Africa Hall, where he would send his driver – Corporal Eragu to call the girl from her hall of residence and then drive off to enjoy evenings around Kampala. Afande Pilato became a regular visitor at Makerere University, but not for education purposes but to bench a beauty from Eastern Uganda.

Did Paul Kagame alias Afande Pilato jigjig the beauty from the east?:
The girl started spending weekends at Pilato’s residential address in Kololo. The rogue spy officer ate everything, the eastern beauty turned into Afande Pilato’s daily bread. Remember, all girls from western Uganda that he fancied had denied him a chance and in Buganda region, he was hooked to sugar mummies. This time around, Christmas had come early for Afande Pilato.

Why did Paul Kagame alias Afande Pilato not marry her? Despite loving her, Afande Pilato didn’t marry the girl because she was a Muslim and Pilato wouldn’t convert especially the aspect of being circumcised in his early 30s. Another issue that the rogue spy officer used to tell those close to him, was about the dryness of the girl.

Sugar mummies made Afande Pilato have obsession with female fluids, the same reasons his obsessed with Clare Akamanzi, one of his numerous side dishes currently roaming around him.

Where is this girl?:
She got married in 1989 by a rich mixed race (mucotara: Tanzania – Oman mix) from Tanga Tanzania. She relocated to Tanga and became a senior executive director in one of the banks in Tanga and the family later relocated to Muscat, Oman.

Note: Names for the girl, parents and even the restaurant that her parents owned in Jinja have been avoided for a reason. Corporal is merely a messenger of dictactor Paul Kagame’s past.


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