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By: Rpf Gakwerere

1) Did you know that the 1999 – 2000 Kisangani war between Rwanda vs Uganda started due to drunkard argument between Treacherous assassin Gen James and Col Sula Semakula, Gen James Kazini’s right hand man?

2) Did you know that Col Sula Semakula who was a brown belt in Karate disciplined treacherous assassin James Kabarebe in Kisangani bar?

3) Did you know that when Patrick Nyamvumba, who was then a Lt Col tried to help his boss James Kabarebe in this drunkard brawl, Col Sula Semakula showed them why he was born in Kampala?

4) Did you know that after this bar fight where James Kabarebe and his boy Patrick Nyamvumba were disciplined by Kampala boy Col Sula Semakula, they rang Criminal Paul Kagame the next day and fed him wrong information, telling the deranged ruler how Gen James Kazini spent a night in a bar insulting Kagame i.e referring him as a civilian, a coward, a killer of innocent people…? Friends always fight, insult or whine each other in a bar, next day everything is forgotten and life moves on. For Kigali assassins, they never forget or move on.

From this conversation between criminal Paul Kagame and his house boy officers, the RPA started reinforcing in Kisangani, and the visit of Prof Wamba dia Wamba to Kisangani sparked the conflict between the army of Rwanda vs Uganda.

Prof Wamba dia Wamba was pro Uganda and anti Criminal Paul Kagame, on August 6, 1999, Prof Wamba dia Wamba arrived in Kisangani. The RPA and their allies of RCD Goma had laid ambushes on the road from the airport and shot at UPDF convoys which were clearing the way for Prof Wamba.

5) Did you know that RPA(Now RDF) had 5 battalions with two battalions of RCD Goma commanded by Major Laurent Nkunda vs Uganda’s one battalion, one artillery unit and one unit of specialised alpine force? The ratio was 6:1.

6) Did you know that Rwanda had more casualties than Uganda? Within RDF, they are not accountable to anyone while Uganda the UPDF is accountable to the population, reasons why Uganda repatriated their fallen soldiers while Rwanda buried their dead in shallow mass graves around Bangoka airport in Kisangani.

In DR Congo, from 1996 to present, it’s only senior officers from the rank of a Major and above, who their remains have been repatriated back to Rwanda. Those from Captain and below, they have been buried in shallow graves around different battle fields or left behind for the opponents to bury in case of hasty military retreat.

Thousands of Rwandans have mourned their loved ones through bad news, without getting a chance to bury them. Innocent Rwandans have perished in the jungles of DR Congo due to madman’s expansionist wars and quest for DR Congo’s precious minerals.

In post criminal Paul Kagame; parents, wives, children, relatives….etc, will be coming out to truly mourn their loved ones who lost their lives due to criminal Paul Kagame’s foreign wars.

Corporal is listening to maestro Congolese musician/band Madilu system songs while remembering those innocent oppressed and enslaved Rwandans who have perished due to criminal Paul Kagame’s senseless wars.

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