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By: Rpf Gakwerere

Dear oppressed, enslaved, starving and unemployed Rwandans, I hope you still remember that Col William Bagire was eliminated by criminal Paul Kagame through poison.

In 1996, during a security meeting in then Ruhengeri (now Musanze), Criminal Paul Kagame who was then Rwanda’s Vice President and minister of defence wanted to slap Col William Bagire in front of other officers, as the brutal dictator raised his right hand, Col William Bagire held Kagame’s right hand while telling him, “before you even think of slapping me in front of men I lead, first demote me to a private then punish me as you wish, but me col William Bagire can’t allow anyone to touch me with these ranks in my shoulders.”

“I am not those escorts of yours, Kabarebe or Mugambage that you slap whenever you want, I am Col William Bagire. Afande, I worked for my ranks since the NRA to today, just demote me now and then slap me as a private,” noted Col William Bagire.

After this incident, criminal Paul Kagame through Jack Nziza started planning for Col William Bagire’s brutal elimination through poison.

Why did Criminal Paul Kagame want to slap Col William Barige? This will be a discussion for another day, but it was over criminal Paul Kagame’s military operation guidelines that Col William Bagire refused to follow. During this period, northern Rwanda was facing insurgency from Gen Juvenile Habyarimana’s remnants. Col William Bagire preferred a military operation based on mobilisation, as was done in Eastern Uganda against Karamajong, while criminal Paul Kagame was forcing him for a scorched earth military campaign.

Col William Bagire (RIP)

Col William Bagire was a lieutenant in NRA now UPDF at the age of 20 years, as a captain, col William Bagire was heading field military training at Uganda’s junior staff College at Qaddafi Barracks.

After Rwanda Patriotic Army/Front liberation war in 1994, he detested to the core how criminal Paul Kagame awarded military ranks. Col Bagire would always say, “Kagame has promoted his escorts for drinking mirinda while those who were under fire were overlooked. The man also awarded himself a rank which was meant for Steven Ndugute.”

Currently, in criminal Paul Kagame’s Rwanda, mentioning names of Gen Fred Rwigema, Col Vedaste Kayitare, Col Steve Ndugute, Col William Bagire, Col Theoneste Lizinde, Col Patrick Karegeya, Major Bunyenyezi, Maj Bayingana…etc, it’s punishable by elimination.

RIP Afande Col William Bagire, those who know you miss you very much. You were a great NRA/M and RPA/F cadre.

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