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By: Rpf Gakwerere

On 1st October 2020, dictator Paul Kagame flew out of the country aboard his personal – own private jet, Gulfstream G650ER that operates under GainJet Aviation. Criminal Paul Kagame personally owns four private jets that operates under GainJet Aviation.

As usual, on 1st October 2020, criminal Paul Kagame flew out of the country on his personal – own private jet registration, SX – GJA. For over 20 years, the regime always hires a private jet from Paul Kagame the businessman to transport Paul Kagame the president. Even when other members of the first family want to travel, the government will hire a private jet from kagame’s numerous owned private jets to jet them.

Paul Kagame’s Private jet, SX – GJA

1) 1st October 2020: Dictator Paul Kagame left his Potato enclave. Kigali (Kanombe) airport to Valencia, Spain. For more than ten years, dictator Paul Kagame or his children usually stops in Valencia mainly, its where some of Kagame family bankers – international accountants live.

2) 1st October 2020: Valencia, Spain to Teterboro, New Jersey, USA. Throughout his travels to USA, dictator Paul Kagame usually stops in either New Jersey or Boston to meet his highly paid lobbyists or public relations fixers.

Dictator Paul Kagame

3) 2nd October 2020: Toterboro, New Jersey, USA to Houston, Texas, USA. The dictator straight away went at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center. When the hospital was contacted by various dissidents in regard to Kagame being at the hospital, the hospital management to these various activists the same answer, “ due to privacy and confidentiality disclosures, they cannot say anything in regard to any patient.” The hospital management didn’t deny or accept the presence of dictator Paul Kagame being at the hospital.

When in June 2020, I started posting about criminal Paul Kagame’s health condition(s), as usual doubters didn’t believe. In August 2020, I reminded his minions and goons to spend time praying for the health of their dictator, than spending their time attacking dissidents and anti – Kagame activists.

After treatments in London, Israel, the criminal flew to Houston, Texas, USA for medical checkups/consultation/treatment. The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer treatment Center, this is a comprehensive cancer center in Houston, Texas.

It should be reminded that since April 2020, Criminal Paul Kagame has been undergoing brain tumour treatment.

A view of the outside of the MD Anderson Cancer Center

4) 5th October 2020: Houston, Texas to Van Nuys, California. The dictator flew to pick his son, Ivan Cyomoro Kagame.

5) 5th October 2020: Van Nuys, California to Teterboro, New Jersey: Doctor Paul Kagame and his son spent a night in New York.

6) 6th October 2020: Dictator Paul Kagame and his delegation that included Ivan Cyomoro Kagamr were in Washington to counter Washington pressure on Paul Rusesabagina issue.

7) 7th October 2020: Today……corporal is still waiting for info.

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