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Dictator Paul Kagame And His Stooges Have Destroyed The Country’s Education System.

By: Rpf Gakwerere

You have to appreciate at how dictator Paul Kagame and his stooges have destroyed the Country’s education system.

Since they all know how they have destroyed the education system, none of senior regime officials has children studying in Rwanda. Nearly, all senior officials relocate their children to study outside the potato encle – Rwanda.

For example, criminal Paul Kagame relocated his children to USA for secondary and university education. Respective prime ministers, army commanders, ministers..etc; had/have their children studying in private secondary schools and universities outside the potato enclave – Rwanda.

All Parents who can afford send their children to study outside Rwanda, especially in secondary and university. For example, the region, has greatly witnessed an influx of Rwandan students enrolling in different secondary schools and other tertiary institutions.

The clip below is of Students in Kagame’s African Singapore trying to give an interview in queen’s language. Under criminal Paul Kagame’s education system, for better communication, it is better for syllabuses and curriculums to be taught in Kinyarwanda.

Obviously, for public relations drive, you will sometimes hear potato enclave’s mad king preaching of smart classes. A concept that the deluded dictator has no idea or clue about. You have to admire delusional policies of this rogue regime.

Remember, when you want a Zombie society don’t provide them education, this is what dictator Paul Kagame has always been doing.

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