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How Kagame’s Assassins Planned And Executed The Death Of Major Alex Ruzindana

By: Gasasira, Sweden (Revised by Rpf Gakwerere)

Umuvugizi has for sometime been investigating the reasons why Kagame’s assassins murdered in cold blood Rwandan hero Major Alex Ruzindana, one of Rwanda’s brave soldier, well known for his astuteness and for condemning the criminal acts by Kagame’s security organs.

Investigations by Umuvugizi on the cruel murder of Major Alex Ruzindana, who was killed few days after he had been retired from the army, for his divergent views, where he used to publicly condemn the dictatorial tendencies of Kagame, sources confirm that there were other compelling secretive reasons why Kagame gave orders to pitilessly kill this hero that saved hundreds of people during the 1990-94 liberation war and sacrificed very much not only for his country but even in the region.

Major Alex Ruzindana

Investigations by Umuvugizi reveals that this cruel murder of Maj. Ruzindana who was well known for his excellence and daring actions at the frontline, happened after Gen Jack Nziza who was by then the director of Directorate of Military intelligence (DMI), wrote a damning fictitious report accusing Major Ruzindana of talking with some of his former comrades and senior high-ranking officers in Uganda’s military. To this murderer – Gen Jack Nziza, the action of Ruzindana interacting with his former comrades in Uganda, was one of the major reason why he was supposed to be murdered. After receiving Jack Nziza’s malicious and fabricated report, Kagame, expressly approved the assassination of Major Ruzindana without even listening to him or allowing him to prove his innocence against Jack Nziza’s malicious allegations.

Death merchant Maj Gen Jack Nziza

After receiving the report from Gen Jack Nziza recommending that Major Ruzindana had to be killed, Kagame who is also well known for his craving to spill blood, immediately asked Gen James Kabarebe, who was by then the deputy Chief of General Staff, to order captain Butera Vianney alias Kavugure, who was a very close friend of Major Alex Ruzindana, to look for him and entice him into a mineral business deal, known by that time as Colta deals, well knowing that he couldn’t resist because he had worked with Butera Vianney for a long time in the military particularly in Alpha unit and in the RDF’s first Battalion.

However, the intention here was not business but on orders of Paul Kagame through Gen James Kabarebe, Captain Butare’s role in this murderous crime as assigned by Paul Kagame was to make sure that he successfully leads Major Ruzindana Alex into an ambush of Kagame’s killing squad on their way to Bukavu in DR Congo, through Butare (now changed to Huye) and Nyungwe forest. On orders of Paul Kagame, through Gen Jack Nziza, Rwanda’s Defence Force Brigade deployed in Butare, Southern Rwanda, was the one which was assigned to carry out this murderous crime in connivance with President Kagame’s killing Squad under Counter Intelligence unit in the Notorious Directorate of Military Intelligence (DMI).

Treacherous assassin Gen James Kabarebe
Sources within Rwanda’s Intelligence confirmed to Umuvugizi that the actual crime of murdering Major Ruzindana Alex was perpetuated on 7th May 2001, when President Kagame ordered the assassination of his fellow war comrade through murder minded Gen Jack Nziza, who was the chief of the notorious Directorate of Military Intelligence, but on conditions that they were to clandestinely carry out this murderous activity in President Kagame’s Military Intelligence graveyard which is situated in isolated place in Nyungwe Forest, where his notorious intelligence apparatus brutally executes people of high profile cases approved by president Kagame for extermination.
After the approval to eliminate Major Ruzindana Alex by bloodthirsty Paul Kagame, a team headed by Lt Col John Karangwa who is currently heading one of RDF Combat battalion which is on UN Peace Keeping Mission in Darfur (currently heading Rwanda’s Mitary police), as a reward for having massively assassinated innocent civilians and fellow service men. As the head of Rwanda’s counter Military intelligence, Col John Karangwa was ordered to set surveillance on the vehicle which Major Ruzindana Alex was travelling in, driven by Captain Butera Vianney aka Kavungure who was acting on orders of Gen James Kabarebe in order to lead Maj Ruzindana in an ambush laid by Paul Kagame’s killing squad.
Serial assassin Col John Karangwa

Another murderous blue eyed Son of Paul Kagame, Inspector General of Rwanda’s Police –  Gasana Emmanuel (currently dumped and incarcerated), who was by that time a captain, stationed in Butare and in charge of Directorate of Military Intelligence in Southern province, he was briefed by Gen Jack Nziza about the assassination plan. Gen Emmanuel Gasana famously known for his murderous crimes, during this time, he was in charge of killing operations in Butare, Gikongoro and Cyangugu. He was also in charge of Paul Kagame’s killing graveyard in Nyungwe Forest.

According to a senior Military Intelligence officer who was close to them, he revealed that a team under IGP Gasana Emmanuel that was made up of murderous Col Tinka Faustin who was groomed and promoted from a rank of Captain to Colonel because of killing innocent civilians and his fellow military service men. Col Faustin Tinka is a murderous character, who was awarded to be deputy director of Rwanda’s notorious Directorate of Military Intelligence with special assignments of answering directly to Kagame. In 2007 up to 2020, he was deployed in Rwanda’s embassy in Tanzania as a Military attaché, with special intelligence operations on SADEC countries. Currently, Col Faustin Tinka is the Deputy Commander of the Mechanized Division. Other officers who were under IGP Gasana Emmanuel, and responsible in the assassination of Major Alex Ruzindana are Lt Col Migabo Augustin who was then a 2nd Lieutenant, and Captain Serivatori who is currently retired from the army.
Serial killer, General Emmanuel Gasana
Under IGP Emmanuel Gasana’s team, there was also Col Faustin Kalisa who was then a Lieutenant and a political commissar of the Southern military division. Currently, notorious Col Faustin Kalisa is chief of Personnel (J1) in Rwanda Defence Force. Throughout his military carrier, col Faustin Kalisa is well known for shedding blood of innocent civilians and fellow service men. He has headed DMI’s counter intelligence unit and Police’s special intelligence units, in these posts, impunity was his hallmark.
Col Faustin Kalisa

On the day of assassinating Major Alex Ruzindana, two killing squads, one headed by Lt Col John Karangwa from the notorious Directorate of Military Intelligence, and another one headed by Gasana Emmanuel, who was then a Division Intelligence Officer in Southern region. They laid an ambush for the vehicle driven by Gen James Kabarebe’s puppet boy, Lt Col Butera Vianney (then a Captain). At around mid day, Major Alex Ruzindana and Captain Vianney Butera arrived in Butare town. The waiting death squad teams, intercepted the car of their target and then obducted Major Alex Ruzindana. He was immediately dumped in a vehicle which was driven by Col Tinka Faustin followed by another vehicle carrying members of the above mentioned two assassin squad teams. And they headed to president Kagame’s bleeding graveyard in Nyungwe forest.

Brutal killer, Col Tinka Faustin

One of the spies who closely worked with those two killing squads which were led by Gen Gasana Emmanuel and Lt Col Karangwa John, told us in these words: “We were very much hurt to see that bloodthirsty Kagame depended on malicious allegations and baseless report issued by murder minded Gen Jack Nziza, and gave orders to kill an old retired senior military officer like Major Ruzindana Alex . I very much recall before he was killed, how he cried requesting his killers to allow him talk to his family and children for the last time but sadly enough, he was denied that last chance by President Kagame’s killing squad and instead brutally killed him in cold blood.’’

Another spy we talked  to, who also knows how Major Alex Ruzindana was brutally eliminated, told us that,  “soon or later Kagame and his assassins will one day pay for their crimes.”

He told us that the death of Major Ruzindana is not secret anymore, pointing out that all those who participated in the murder were rewarded with juicy posts both in the military and national police. He ended his testimony with irrefutable evidence graphically showing that it was Kagame’s murderers who assassinated Major Alex Ruzindana given that one of the members of the killing squad, Lt Col Tinka Faustin up today sustained a permanent damage of losing two front teeth due to a heavy punch he was given by Major Alex Ruzindana during the scuffle when they were butchering him.

Another evidence showing the involvement of Paul Kagame and his death squads in the murder of Maj. Ruzindana, is that after his disappearance, family members and loved one accused Captain Butera Vianney as the one who was behind his disappearance given that he is the one who had picked him at his residence.

However, Paul Kagame in return carried out a judicially comedy by arresting captain Butera Vianney, within few weeks the suspect, Captain Vianney Butera was released by the military court, and Paul Kagame awarded him with a promotion to a Lt Col for his participation in the callous murder of Major Alex Ruzindana.
Rwandans whom we talked to during our investigation on the sudden disappearance and inhuman murder of Major Ruzindana Alex will never forget the bewitching and evil orders of President Kagame to his killing squad to mercilessly burn the butchered body of their colleague, retired Major Ruzindana Alex. Paul Kagame directly ordered the burning of eliminated remains of Major Alex Ruzindana. A brutal execution which took place in Kagame’s notorious graveyard in Nyungwe Forest.

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