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The Video Clip Shows Signs Of a Failed State – Democratic Republic of Congo.

By: Rpf Gakwerere

If a full colonel can be buried like this without any single dignity or presence of family members, imagine what happens to low ranking officers who die in DR Congo’s various military operation frontline.

The clip below shows how a full Colonel who died on the frontline being buried with no single dignity or presence of any family members. Remember, this is a military officer in a government force, not a rebel officer. If a Colonel can be buried like this, with no single respect to his services, how are low ranking soldiers treated.

While damn incompetent, greedy, selfish and corrupt politicians are out manoeuvring each other in Kinshasa, real patriotic heroes are being buried with no single honour, dignity or recognition.

Will this colonel’s family get any military service compensation or support? Obviously not. If they couldn’t manage to transport the remains to his family for proper dignified burial, don’t expect the political hyenas have support schemes for family members of service men/women who die while performing patriotic duties.

While DR Congo’s political class have different support systems for themselves and their immediate families i.e government paid health insurances for top officials, on the other hand, men and women in uniform and their immediate families are in dire poverty; going for months without receiving their salaries which is next to zero. Don’t forget, DR Congo politicians are the highest paid politicians in a Africa, i.e a Country’s member of Parliament takes home $ 14000 dollars per month without seating allowance payments, while a regional member of Parliament is paid $7000 per month minus seating allowances payments.

As a corporal, my heart goes to my fellow low ranking soldiers in DR Congo, who spend months without receiving their next to nothing salaries, and when they die in the service of the country, they aren’t recognised or given a dignified burial.

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