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On Military Front This Was a Bad Week For Satan Of The Greatlakes Region. 

By: Robert Patrick Fati Gakwerere

In DR Congo aggression – invasion, this week, 13th – 19th February 2023 has been a disaster to Rwanda’s bloodthirsty ruler.

1) We all remember how Satan’s boys were near Sake. Sake is a strategic town, a junction town just 25-30 Km from Goma town. The town is key to RDF-M23 military strategists and a getaway route to South Kivu by land. And in case criminal Paul Kagame decides to start military operations in South Kivu province, Sake will be pivotal.

2) We all remember how Satan’s boys had secured Kitchanga, a strategic trading town in Masisi territory, North Kivu.

However, in military operation a week can be enough for events on the field to change.

* FARDC pushed Criminal Paul Kagame’s RDF-M23 from Makombo, Kingi, Tuonane and Kalake villages North of Goma. And all the way to Kilolirwe. Sake – Rubaya fighting was a graveyard for Criminal Paul Kagame’s boys of RDF-M23. In trying to capture mining areas in Rubaya, RDF-M23 lost lots of men due to FARDC’s multiple launch rocket system ( artillery), and RDF-M23 aborted the offensive and withdrew towards Kilorirwe. RDF-M23 had planned to enter/capture Sake through three axes, one is still active, the Virunga Sake axis, while other two have been pushed back to Kilolirwe.

* RDF-M23 force thought they had secured Kitchanga, but Kagame’s boys were shocked this week when FARDC pushed back their defences on Kitchanga – Walikale axis, and now, FARDC is within 2 KM of Kitchanga town. With fightings now taking place around Kitchanga villages of Kitobo, Rusinga and Ndondo. FARDC forces pushing towards Kitchanga from the West of the town has been reinforced by FARDC battalions from Walikale.

* On Virunga axis, fightings in Virunga National Park in areas of Karenga, Ruvunda and Kausa have continued, these villages are on the way to Sake town. RDF-M23 had planned to enter Sake through different column points, and Virunga axis was one of them.

With more RDF-M23 reinforcements being sent to the frontline, we should expect the fight for territory to be more bloody, violent and destructive.

All these destructions, carnage, human losses, displacements and deaths are caused by greed of one man, Criminal Paul Kagame and his unending thirst for minerals.

Back to my usual outcry, the Greatlakes region will never see or taste any peace as long as criminal Paul Kagame is still the ruler of Rwanda.

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