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By: Robert Patrick Fati Gakwerere

Rwanda is currently being ruled by a mentally freak bloodthirsty serial killer who is continuously committing all sorts of human rights atrocities in the history of the African continent. He is the contemporary African Hitler.

Criminal Paul Kagame is a serial warmonger and a bloodthirsty despot who rules the enclave – Rwanda through election-rigging, a captive judiciary, a well-oiled propaganda machine that feeds lies to foreigners especially donors, and brutally kidnapping or assassinating of opposition leaders, independent journalists, and regime critics at home and abroad.

In 1992, during an RPA military meeting that was debating and studying on allocation of military ranks, cadre Pasteur Bizimungu and cadre Alexis Kanyarengwe proposed and suggested that commander Steven Ndugute and commander Vedaste Kayitare needs to be awarded the same rank as that of Paul Kagame. Steve Ndugute and Vadaste Kayitare were highly regarded for re-organising the RPA military structure and they were also praised for their military command and operation efficiency.

This proposal was an insult to criminal Paul Kagame, he saw the promotion of Steve Ndugute and Vadaste Kayitare to the rank of a major general as a challenge to his authority; another reason that created fear nerves in Paul kagame’s body was that these two men were from abanyiginya clan, a grouping that Paul Kagame hates to its core.

Criminal Paul Kagame’s quiet genocide against abanyiginya military officers

The clan of Abanyiginya is the clan of the former kings of Rwanda. The dynasty of Abanyiginya also known as the Nyiginya dynasty was founded between the 15th and the 17th centuries and reigned until 1959. The last King of the Nyiginya dynasty was King Kigeli V Ndahindurwa who died on 16th October 2016 while in exile, USA.

King Kigeli V Ndahindurwa was assassinated on orders of criminal Paul Kagame through poison that was administered by a relative who used to frequent his house (nephew). As in Criminal Paul Kagame’s words, “the country can’t have two kings.” And recently criminal Paul Kagame reminded everyone how his good at human intelligence. It is through human intelligence that he has managed to brutally assassinated those that he perceives to be a threat to his brutal regime.

King Kigeli V Ndahindurwa

A legal definition of genocide is found on the 1948 United Nations Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide (CPPCG). In Article II of the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide, genocide means any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such:

* Killing members of the group;

* Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group;

* Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part;

* Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group;

* Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.

From above definition, it is a clear conclusion that criminal Kagame has continuously been carrying out a quiet genocide against abanyiginya military officers within the RDF. Everyone knows that Paul Kagame has ordered the slaughter of millions of countless citizens in the greatlakes region. While his slaughtering civilians on daily basis; in a dark quiet night, the African Hitler is always scheming and carrying out a quiet genocide against abanyiginya RPA/RDF officers especially those who are educated.

Oppressed, enslaved, starving and unemployed Rwandans should know that criminal Paul Kagame admires queen Kanjogera; the brutal criminal ruler believes that he is a true ancestor of queen Kanjogera, a woman who believed that abanyiginya people should be erased from planet earth. For those who know death merchant Jack Nziza very well, will attest at how death merchant Jack Nziza admires Kanjogera’s brother Kabare. During the RPA/RPF war, umufumbira, death merchant Jack Nziza would move around bragging at how Kabare was his great uncle; this isn’t true, Umufumbira serial assassin wanted an identity to justify his killing spree.

A sample of Abanyiginya RPA/RDF military officers killed by Paul Kagame:

Major General Fred Rwigema; (Umunyiginya mother) assassinated under Kagame’s accomplice and plans.

Gen Fred Rwigema, charismatic commander and leader

Dr Major Peter Bayingana; executed by Paul Kagame.

Maj Peter Bayingana

Major Chris Bunyenyezi; executed by Paul Kagame.

The brutally assassinated Major Chris Bunyenyezi

Col Adam Waswa; strangled in Car by Dan Gapfizi on instruction of Paul Kagame.

Col Adam Waswa

Col Vedaste Kayitare; killed through poison after sharing a meal with Paul Kagame.

Commander Vedaste Kayitare

Col Steven Ndugute; assassinate by doctor poison Richard Rutatina under the instruction of Paul Kagame.

Criminal Paul Kagame and Commander Steven Ndugute

Col William Bagire; assassinated through poison by Richard Rutatina on the instructions of Paul Kagame.

Col William Bagire (RIP)

Col Charles Ngoga; (Umunyiginya mother) poisoned by his assumed friend Dan Gapfizi on the instruction of Paul Kagame.

Lt. Col Wilson Rutayisire; (Umunyiginya mother) assassinated by Paul Kagame for opposing the Congo war.

Lt Col Wilson Rutayisire

Col Patrick Karegeya; (Umunyiginya mother) assassinated in South Africa by Paul Kagame.

Col Patrick Karegeya

Lt Col Nathan Ngumbayingwe; brutally assassinated by a sniper on orders of Paul Kagame.

Lt Gen Jacques Musemakweli; (Umunyiginya mother), assassinated through poison due to ongoing underground power struggle between treacherous assassin Gen James Kabarebe and criminal Paul Kagame.

Lt General Jacques Musemakweli

Brig General Dan Gapfizi; assassinated through a staged accident, the scientific assassination was led by Lt Col Francis Gakwerere and Col Franco Rutagengwa alias Mapuwa.

Brig General Dan Gapfizi

Major Alex Ruzindana; kidnapped and murdered in 2001 on the orders of Paul Kagame.

Major Alex Ruzindana

Major John Birasa and Captain Eddy; they were both abanyiginya young officers and they were assassinated on the orders of Paul Kagame

Major Rachid Mugisha; (Umunyiginya mother)
assassinated through poison on the orders of Paul Kagame.

Major Dr Ndahiro and Dr. Jean Gahungu were assassinated through a DMI staged accident near Rwamagana in the direction of Kayonza. The two medical professionals fell in an ambush led by then ruthless assassin Major Jack Nziza now a retired Maj Gen.

Major John Sengati; ambushed and assassinated by a team led by Lt. Col Francis Gakwerere and Col Franco Rutagengwa alias Mapuwa. The group was armed with silencer pistols.

Commander Sam Byaruhanga, (Umunyiginya mother), assassinated on orders Criminal Paul Kagame. Commander Sam Byaruhanga was brutally assassinated merely because he was a trusted confidant to Gen Fred Rwigema who was brutally assassinated earlier the RPA/F liberation struggle.

Major Emmanuel Nkubana, on orders of criminal, Major Emmanuel Nkubana was kidnapped, tortured to his death through skinning torture method and his body dissolved in acid.

Major Emmanuel Nkubana

Captain Hubert Kamugisha was assassinated on direct orders of criminal Paul Kagame. Captain Hubert Kamugisha knew too much of Dictor Paul Kagame’s crimes, and being in knowledge of Dictator Paul Kagame’s secrets is a crime punishable by death. He was shot in execution style by assassins led by Major Jack Nziza, now retired military officer Maj Gen Jack Nziza.

Above names are a snapshot of abanyiginya military officers who have brutally been killed on direct orders of criminal Paul Kagame; the list is endless.

Abanyiginya military officers have looked hopelessly as Kanjogera’s great grandson crashes them like frogs.

What has been happening and is still happening within the RPA/RDF is not another RUCUNSHU, but a quiet genocide against abanyiginya military officers; who are being disgraced, humiliated and killed like chickens at the hands of criminal Paul Kagame and his assassins. The Rucunshu war was a battle between well determined clans of Abega verses Abanyiginya; the current debacle is not a battle between abega verses abanyiginya, but a symmetric cleansing against abanyiginya military officers. These batch of abanyiginya RDF officers are a disgrace to ancestors. Mere cowards who have allowed to be discrminated, humiliated and slaughtered like christmas chickens.

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