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By: Rpf Gakwerere

Cassien Ntamuhanga, a critic to criminal Paul Kagame and political dissident was kidnapped on Saturday, 22nd May 21, in Mozambique, by operatives from the department of Military Intelligence in the General Staff of Forças Armadas de Defesa de Moçambique (Mozambique Defence Armed Force).

Cassien Ntamuhanga

Cassien Ntamuhanga was arrested on direct orders from Brigadier General Rui Jorge, head of Mozambique’s Department of Military Intelligence in the General Staff of FADM (Mozambique Defence Armed Forces/Portuguese: Forças Armadas de Defesa de Moçambique).

Cassien Ntamuhanga was living in Mozambique legally as a documented Refugee registered with both the Country’s Refugee department in the ministry of interior and United High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR).

Rwandans in the country and those in diaspora, all know Cassien Ntamuhanga and the ordeal he has gone through at the hands of ruthless assassin – Criminal Paul Kagame and his band of torturers.

Cassien Ntamuhanga was a journalist and Managing Director of Amazing Grace radio, a Christian radio that used to broadcast in Kigali Rwanda. And he worked with this radio station since 2009 to 7th April 2014, when he was kidnapped by operatives from Rwanda’s bloodthirsty Directorate of Military Intelligence which was then under a notorious assassin, Lt Col Franco Rutagengwa alias Mapuwa.

On 27th February 2015, Paul Kagame’s kangaroo court convicted and sentenced Cassien Ntamuhanga to 25 years in prison on charges of forming a criminal gang, conspiracy against an established government and the president, complicity in terrorist acts and conspiracy to murder the president. He pleaded not guilty on all charges when the trial began in  November, 2014.

Cassien Ntamuhanga being arraigned by the junta regime before journalists in April 2014

The harsh and disproportionate sentences given to him and his co-accused reflected the authoritarian nature of criminal Paul Kagame and his satanic system, and the growing desire to gag all dissent at the time when he was preparing to rape the country’s constitution in the run-up to the 2017 presidential election, a term the constitution was forbidding him from contesting.

Alongside Cassien Ntamuhanga, three co-defendants were also sentenced. One of them, singer Kizito Mihigo, got a ten-year jail term, demobilized soldier Jean-Paul Dukuzumuremyi got 30 years and the third co-defendant, Agnès Niyibizi was acquitted by the Kangaroo court.

All four were kidnapped on 7th April 2014, at a time when Rwanda was commemorating the 20th anniversary of the 1994 Tutsi genocide and at the time when very many people were criticizing brutal crackdown that was being conducted by criminal Paul Kagame and his satanic regime. On 11th April 2014, Rwanda’s brutal police finally confirmed that Cassien Ntamuhanga and his co-accused are under police custody. During their trial, Cassien Ntamuhanga and his co-defendants accused the brutal police of detaining them illegally and extracting confessions under duress.

While Cassien Ntamuhanga was in prison serving 25 years jail sentence, criminal Paul Kagame went after his young brothers. Cassien Ntamuhanga’s three young brothers, Ngabo Fikili Jimmy, Mutuyimana Joel and Ngabonziza Moses were kidnapped on 4th October 2016, by security operatives under serial assassin – Brig Gen Dan Munyuza, at this time, Dan Munyuza was Assistant Inspector General of Police in charge of operations. Until today, no one knows the whereabouts of these young men, probably already executed.

Cassien Ntamuhanga’s three young brothers, Ngabo Fikili Jimmy, Mutuyimana Joel and Ngabonziza Moses were kidnapped on 4th October 2016 by Paul Kagame’s Intelligence operatives

On Tuesday, 31 October 2017, Cassien Ntamuhanga and two other inmates dramatically escaped from Nyanza maximum prison, and this is the time Cassien Ntamuhanga left the country to seek asylum in Mozambique. As expected, criminal Paul Kagame and his satanic regime have been hunting him down for elimination.

By the time he was kidnapped by Mozambique’s department of Military Intelligence in the General Staff of Forças Armadas de Defesa de Moçambique (Mozambique Defence Armed Force); Cassien Ntamuhanga had survived two kidnappings. These operations were conducted by Rwanda’s external intelligence operatives, and led by Claude Nikobisanzwe, a notorious assassin who acts as Rwanda’s ambassador to Mozambique.

Claude Nikobisanzwe, Rwanda’s current ambassador to Mozambique, an external intelligence operative and a serial assassin

The Current ambassador of Rwanda to Mozambique, Claude Nikobisanzwe was expelled from South Africa in 2014 for subversive activities, and when he returned to Rwanda, criminal Paul Kagame rewarded him with a juice position for shading blood of innocent Rwandans on his behalf, and he was appointing the permanent secretary at the Ministry of foreign affairs and cooperation. A position he held up to October 2018, when he was relocated to Mozambique as Rwanda’s ambassador.

After arriving in Mozambique, as Rwanda’s ambassador, what Claude Nikobisanzwe and Rwanda’s embassy in Mozambique have done, it’s to hunt down dissidents, intimidate Rwandans and plant hatred/suspicion/division among Rwandans living in Mozambique.

After few months of being appointed as Rwanda’s ambassador to Mozambique, on 26th August 2019, Claude Nikobisanzwe with Rwanda’s well known assassin – Lt Col Francis Gakwerere planned and commandeered the callous assassination of Louis Baziga, an assassination which was meant to eliminate Louis Baziga for knowing too much and there was a power struggle between Claude Nikobisanzwe and Louis Baziga who was the head of Rwanda diaspora in Mozambique. Louis Baziga was part of field operatives that participated in the brutal assassination of Col Patrick Karegeya, on 1st January 2014. Louis Baziga was a point of contact in Mozambique for criminal Paul Kagame’s Intelligence services, and when his usefulness was no longer required, he was brutally eliminated by his employer for knowing too much.

Louis Baziga and Rwanda’s former foreign minister Richard Sezibera during the opening of Rwanda’s embassy in Mozambique

On 24th February 2020, I posted on this platform noting, “The Satanic Regime Ruling The Potato Enclave Wants Cassien Ntamuhanga Dead Or Alive.”

On my 24th February 2020 post, of which the link I have attached above, I did ask myself two key questions;

1) Why does criminal Paul Kagame want Cassien Ntamuhanga dead or alive?

2) Why has his file suddenly been earmarked for urgent operation, yet he isn’t under class A files? Why has criminal Paul Kagame pressed an urgent button for the elimination or kidnapping of Cassien Ntamuhanga?

It should be noted that, While interrogating Gospel Singer Kizito Mihigo under torture, his torturers CP Egide Ruzigamanzi and CP Denis Basabose kept on asking him about his friend Cassien Ntamuhanga. Gospel singer Kizito Mihigo kept telling his torturers that he hasn’t spoken to his best friend Cassien Ntamuhanga for years.

Notorious assassin, CP Egide Ruzigamanzi

As of Today, 25th May 2021, Criminal Paul Kagame’s satanic regime through their embassy in Mozambique, are still negotiating Filipe Jacinto Nyusi’s government to hand him to Rwanda.

President of Mozambique, Filipe Jacinto Nyusi

For those who have lived in Mozambique, you will know the level of corruption at all levels of government institutions.  And when criminal Paul Kagame wants something, he will make sure he pays corrupt officials within Filipe Jacinto Nyusi’s government. The memory of how Comoro handed Callixte Sankara is still fresh in the minds of many oppressed and enslaved Rwandans.

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