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Night Shift In Mbarara, A Night Club Frequented By young, Handsome, Charismatic Bachwezi Military Officers

By: Rpf Gakwerere

Nothing great like listening to oldies music. Today, while listening to the song below by Bobi Brown – My Prerogative, my mind shifted to Night Shift, a night club in Mbarara, later changed the name to Club Vision Empire. Night Shift was a two storey building opposite where Club Vision Empire is currently located.

After NRA/M liberation in 1986, Night Shift became a joint for NRA liberators. Remember, all NRA senior officers were in their mid 20s and early 30s. They were still in their youth gap despite the enormous task of leading a country that was coming out of a protracted war. At their tender age, the young officers had to enjoy, thus Night Shift being their official joint in Mbarara.

In the late 1980s and early 1990s, on Friday and Saturday nights, Bananuka Drive in Mbarara would be flooded with Military cars as young charismatic military officers came to enjoy their lives, as they listened and danced to music selections mixed by young Fred Kafoko who was the club DJ and a shareholder of Night Shift club. Now, DJ Fred Kafoko is one of the top tycoon in Mbarara, his the proprietor of Club Vision Empire, Vision Radio, Big Fun entertainment and landlord to different properties.

Bobi Brown’s song, My Prerogative was one of the song that Senior NRA officers loved, and these Senior officers were still youths despite heavy responsibilities on their shoulders.

In 1989 Corporal watched young, handsome and smart looking Brigadier General Jackson ‘Bell’ Tushabe, Brig Geoffrey Kyabihende alias Taban, Lt Col Reuben Ikondere, Lt. Gen Pecos Kutesa, Gen Salim Saleh, Gen Fred Rwigema, Brig Gen Chefe Ali, Col Vedaste Kayitare, Col Patrick Karegeya, Col Frank Guma, Col Musitu, Major Julius Aine….etc, dancing to the song below.

Ehhh, without forgetting, Sergeant Mugisha Mondo, currently known as “Prophet” Franklin Mondo Mugisha was a frequent Night Shift club customer, but only Sunday day with other Kadogos. By then, he had Criminal Paul Kagame’s weight, 57Kg.

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