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Security Intercepts Lorry With Illegal UPDF Uniforms To Be Supplied To Militias By A Neighboring Country To Discredit Operation Shujaa

By: Joyce Nalugwa,

The joint Armed Forces of the Democratic Republic of Congo (FARDC) and Uganda Peoples Defense Forces (UPDF) have said they have critical information about the presence of an armed group harboring sinister clandestine plans deliberately to sabotage the joint military action against the ADF rebels.

According to a joint statement issued by FARDC and UPDF spokespersons, the vicious plans mission aims at not only sparking and promoting hostility towards the UPDF and FARDC among the local population that they have been mandated to protect but also create generalized panic and stamped in this same population which welcomed and supported the coalition forces since the launch of the operations against the enemies of peace.

This followed after the Congolese customs officers on January 06 intercepted a commercial truck in Butembo carrying clothes similar to UPDF uniforms, particularly that of the Special Forces Command an elite division of the UPDF.

Security sources say the owner of the consignment who is a top businessman in Butembo is closely linked to a Congolese military officer only identified as Musebo. The said military uniforms had been manufactured from Thailand.

It is further indicated that as soon as the consignment was intercepted and confiscated, Musebo quickly ordered that they be returned to him claiming that he was the end receiver.

By wearing the UPDF uniforms and insignia, the armed group plan to resort to this subterfuge to camouflage themselves to be able to go on atrocious rampage to wreck unsalable havoc including massacres in order to badly injure the image of the UPDF.

This would ultimately create the belief that UPDF is the one attacking people they have saved and protected so far.

Sources told this website that the armed group is supported by a country in the region which is opposed to Uganda-DRC joint forces against the ADF terrorists.

This country has been accused of logistically supporting the ADF with weapons, safe passed of ADF leaders to and from DRC jungles and their fighters.

The FARDC and the UPDF reassure the public that they will not allow themselves to be distracted or diverted from their missions to permanently neutralize the enemy.

The joint forces affirm that in the conduct of operations, they respect human rights, international humanitarian law and the rules of engagement”.

Joint statement by UPDF and FARDC

NB: Notes added by Rpf Gakwerere below.

This is Dictator Paul Kagame and his Directorate of Military Intelligence modus operandi.

It is well known by regional intelligence services that Dictator Paul Kagame’s Directorate of Military Intelligence has a sizeable stock of counterfeit military and police uniforms, military and police insignia of regional countries. Dictator Paul Kagame is himself a mafia and his runs a mafia – brutal regime.

For example, enter DR Congo with a car or lorry through Rubavu/Goma border crossing, then you will understand why Mpondwe was an operation option for Dictator Paul Kagame and his DMI terror group. At Rubavu/Goma crossing there is extreme checking on the side of DR Congo. The checking of goods, cars and lorries from Rwanda due over-seated suspicious of Congolese towards Rwanda is relentless.

In military intelligence there is a concept called implication/outcome of an intelligence operation failure, and in this case, had the goods been discovered at Mpondwe border crossing, deniability would have been simple than Rubavu/Goma border crossing. In case the operation had gone wrong at Mpondwe border crossing, it would have provided a better option for deniability than Rubavu/Goma crossing. An intelligence based operation looks at all angles, especially deniability in case of operation failure, and criminal Paul Kagame’s Directorate of Military Intelligence are pretty good at the art of deniability options and diversion tactics. Mpondwe border crossing was chosen by Dictator Paul Kagame and his terror group – DMI as a better option incase the operation to enter, deliver and distribute the counterfeit Uganda Army uniform failed.

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