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When Will DR Congo’s President Felix Tshisekedi Expel Ruthless Terrorist Vincent Karega From DRC Territory? 

By: Rpf Gakwerere

On 15th July 2019, when criminal Paul Kagame appointed ruthless assassin Vincent Karega as Rwanda’s ambassador in DR Congo, concerned Africans who know the terrorism nature of Vincent Karega made noises and warned DR Congo.

After the government of South Africa forcing Criminal Paul Kagame to recall his terrorist ambassador, Vincent Karega, the brutal ruler of Rwanda deployed his ruthless intelligence asset in DR Congo as a new ambassador. DR Congo’s then head of military intelligence Maj Gen Delphin Kahimbi warned President Joseph Kabila’s government about this appointment

Ambassador Vincent Karega, is a ruthless assassin and a top National Intelligence and Security Services operative (NISS) operative.

Ambassador Vincent Karega, a top assassin and a National Intelligence and Security Services operative (NISS).

Vincent Karega was appointed as Rwanda’s new ambassador to the DRC on 15 July 2019. Replacing another NISS operative, Amandin Rugira.

In the letter dated September 2, 2019, Lt General Kahimbi wrote that, ” Keraga, operating with Didier Rutembesa an operative under Rwanda’s National Intelligence and Security Services (NISS), Claude Nkobisanzwe and Vincent Karega of the Rwanda’s embassy in South Africa, coordinated several assassinations of a number of Kagame’s opponents in SADCA countries including the former head of Rwandan intelligence, Col Patrick Karegeya.”
In this letter Lt Gen Kahimbi Delphin further warned his boss President Joseph Kabila, “allowing him to be the ambassador of Rwanda in our country, after having been expelled by South Africa, would be perceived by Pretoria as an unfriendly act towards a State with which the DRC maintains good relations within the framework of SADCA” reads part of the latter.

In the letter, Lt Gen Delphin Kahimbi wrote that, ” Vincent Karega having lived in DRC for many years and studied at the University of Lubumbashi, he has all the potential, capacity and tools to penetrate Congolese population thanks, in particular, to his mastery of the Congolese vernacular languages.”

“Karega’s presence would be a threat and a danger to DR  Congo democracy, sovereignty and peace, he could order targeted assassinations in DR Congo soil against anyone that Kigali sees as an enemy,” reads the letter.

Over the past years, Congolese population and opposition groups led by former Presidential candidate Martin Fayulu have continued to demand for the expulsion of Karega due to his complicity in managing and running Rwanda’s subversive activities in DR Congo.

After arriving in Kinshasa as Rwanda’s new ambassador in DRC, NISS operative Vincent Karega started what is good at, building of local Intelligence networks and carrying out clandestine hit operations. His first target was Lt Gen Delphin Kahimbi, a man who had warned President Joseph Kabila about this callous and ruthless assassin.

Just a day before his death, on 27th February 20, Lt Gen Delphin Kahimbi referred to his troubles as “a political affair that is being conducted remotely from certain capital run by the imperialists”. This capital was Kigali. For years, Gen Delphin Kahimbi was a top target by Rwanda’s Directorate of Military Intelligence (DM). Like the assassination of Col Patrick Karegeya in South Africa, Vincent Karega is also a key operative in the brutal elimination through poison of Lt Gen Delphin Kahimbi.

Lt Gen Delphin Kahimbi

Léon Lukaku, DR Congo’s head of counter-espionage service at the National Intelligence Agency (ANR) died on 9th March 20. He died in a similar way as Gen Delphin Kahimbi. Léon Lukaku was eliminated by quick reaction poison. Léon Lukaku had refused to become a double agent, to betray his country and the arrival of Vincent Karega in Kinshasa sealed his fate. This assassination was sanctioned in Kigali and Vincent Karega was the coordinator of this callous assassination.

Léon Lukaku

Gen Moustapha Jonas Mukiza Kayoyo was the commander of DR Congo’s Second Military Zone, provinces of Kasais region (Kasai Occidental, Kasai central and Kasai oriental) and Katanga region. Gen Moustapha Jonas Kayoyo died on 22nd July 20. Gen Moustapha Jonas Mukiza Kayoyo is a Munyamulenge who refused to work with Criminal Paul Kagame and his deadly Directorate of Military Intelligence. By refusing to work with Kagame, he was tagged for elimination. He was eliminated through poison, and the military grade poison slowly infected his internal organs which led to his death, due to multi organ failure. This brutal assassination was sanctioned in Kigali, and Vincent Karega was the coordinator.

General Moustapha Jonas Mukiza

Brigadier General Amba Kabangu Willy was the commander of SOKOLA II in North Kivu operational sector. Brigadier General Amba Kabangu Willy was in charge of fighting armed groups sponsored by criminal Paul Kagame in North Kivu. In short, Brigadier General Amba Kabangu Willy was the commander of DR Congo’s special forces in North Kivu. He was brutally assassinated and died on 29th July 2020. He died in a similar manner as Gen Delphin Kahimbi. He was poisoned with a quick reaction poison. His brutal assassination was sanctioned in Kigali, and Vincent Karega was a key operative in this heinous crime.

Back to my usual cry. The Greatlakes region will never see any PEACE as long as criminal Paul Kagame is still the ruler of Rwanda.

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