Saturday , 3 December 2022
‘‘ Freedoms, democracy, human rights and rights to live are none negotiable ’’


By: Rpf Gakwerere

With his network of spies under the J3 (James Kabarebe, Jack Nziza and James Musoni) network system, with allies in the military and cliques in political wing – RPF; now the notorious General, James Kabarebe thinks is more positioned to succeed the deadly Pilato.

Assassin James Kabarebe is trickery, poisonous in his operations, ruthless, cold blooded and totally callous with a selfish end. He has eliminated all types of people for his survival without sparing those who saved him from his childhood and adult miseries.

With his financial muscles – J3 financial muscles, assassin Gen James Kabarebe thinks and believes to be inline as the next ruler of the enclave after the brutal Pilato.

Of recently, he has started marketing himself to oppressed, starving and jobless Rwandans as a credible alternative. Obviously, retarded minions within the system can’t analyse the interior dark motives of notorious General, James Kabarebe recent outreach visits in various places in potato enclave.

Assassin James Kabarebe

The notorious General once told his puppet Gen Fred Ibingira who is now under strict house arrest that, “Afande can slap or kick me, but I know what I want. Everything in this world has a price.” The price for being slapped and kicked by brutal Pilato, it’s the presidency.

For the past years, notorious General James Kabarebe has internally destroyed Pilato through giving him fake intelligence info. His the main architecture of the Enclave’s bad neighbouring relationships with brotherly countries. His intelligence on Burundi and Uganda have been substandard, at most fraudulent. His DR Congo desk has been a mineral plundering, training and arming rebel groups rather than creating a greater diplomatic relationship with DR Congo.

For years, all notorious assassin – Gen James Kabarebe’s briefings to paranoid Pilato have always aimed at making Pilato’s mental condition worse. As Pilato is becoming mentally tired, mentally sick with underlying political, military, social and economic problems engulfing him; notorious General James Kabarebe is steadily positioning himself with the help of his J3 network which is well funded.

With RPF/RDF internal dynamics becoming worse everyday, the faction wars will turn bloody, and its pretty soon.

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