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‘‘ Freedoms, democracy, human rights and rights to live are none negotiable ’’


By: Rpf Gakwerere

Dr Richard Sezibera is the current Rwanda’s foreign minister and a senior cadre within the RPF satanic party.

During the RPA/F liberation war in the early 1990s, Dr Richard Sezibera was attached to the medical wing of the rebel movement, and after the war in 1994, Dr Richard Sezibera was awarded a rank of Major. From 1994, to present, Dr Richard Sezibera has served the satanic system in different capacities.

In 2011, Dr Richard Sezibera was thrown out as a minister of health after a protracted war with estranged first lady – Jeannette Gasana Kagame who was helped and supported by Gen Jack Nziza. And they managed to convince criminal Paul Kagame to dump DR Richard Sezibera in favour of Jeannette Gasana Kagame’s toy woman – Agnes Binagwaho, a thuggish woman who was appointed in this position not due to her suitability, capacity or experience, but rather as a tool to use for embezzling resources from the ministry of health.

In October 2018, criminal Paul Kagame appointed Dr Richard Sezibera as his new foreign minister replacing criminal Paul Kagame’s blue eyed woman, Louise Mushikiwabo who had just been appointed by Emmanuel Macron as a Secretary-General of the Organisation internationale de la Francophonie.

Former foreign minister and Kagamist blue eye woman – Louise Mushikiwabo

After his appointment, Dr Richard Sezibera mistakenly thought that he would bring a new approach of diplomacy at the ministry of foreign affairs. He wanted to create a new diplomatic rapprochement different from that practiced by his predecessor. What Dr Richard Sezibera failed to understand or knew but decided to ignore, it’s that for years, Rwanda’s foreign affairs – diplomatic affairs is led by military intelligence outlook, it’s DMI that shapes foreign affairs policies; ministers and other officials within this ministry merely implement these inept policies.

Two main reasons to why Louise Mushikiwabo stayed long as a minister of foreign affairs, was her ability to understand her role of being a DMI tool and of her special relationship with criminal Paul Kagame, this special relationship was based on bedroom professionalism which she provided at will to the sex pest skinny dictactor.

Policy differences between Dr Richard Sezibera and DMI/criminal Paul Kagame

In October 2018, after being appointed by criminal Paul Kagame to replace Louise Mushikiwabo as Rwanda’s foreign affairs minister; Dr Richard Sezibera adopted a new approach. His new diplomatic approach was 1st to ignore Rwanda National Congress (RNC) and P5 coalition as none existence. To him, Rwanda’s foreign office to constantly talking about RNC or P5 coalition was giving credibility and importance to these organisations.

In his first press briefing as foreign minister, when asked by journalists about RNC or P5 coalition, Dr Richard Sezibera preferred to ignore these organisations by merely telling journalists that he doesn’t know them, or Rwanda shouldn’t waste time on failed organisations. Dr Richard Sezibera understood the art of communication, talking negatively or positively about RNC or P5 was providing free marketing and publicity for these organisations.

However, few months along the line, on new year’s eve, criminal Paul Kagame spent half of his new year message to his oppressed and enslaved Rwandans talking about RNC, thus providing free marketing and publicity to this organisation. Obviously, criminal Paul Kagame is on a diminishing return that even his minions and sycophants find it hard to believe his utterances.

Whith different approaches at the ministry of foreign affairs, it was a matter of time before Dr Richard Sezibera is sidelined, but none expected that criminal Paul Kagame would go for his head especially knowing how Dr Richard Sezibera has been a royal servant of the satanic system.

With time, Dr Richard Sezibera started becoming frustrated with the whole foreign policy approach led by the satanic system. He was totally not happy with how criminal Paul Kagame’s owned media outlets insulted and abused the former minister of South Africa – Lindiwe Sisulu, especially after the effort he was putting to normalize the enclave’s relationship with South Africa.

Dr Richard Sezibera was also totally not happy with the enclave’s approach towards Uganda. After being appointed, Dr Richard Sezibera made an effort to build and open communication contacts between his office and that of Sam Kahamba Kutesa, Uganda foreign affairs minister. But his rapprochement was always derailed by DMI approach supported by the president’s office. Dr Richard Sezibera was disgruntled with insults, abuses and degrading words that came from Kigali through DMI – criminal Paul Kagame owned and control media outlets towards the leadership in Kampala. The more Dr Richard Sezibera realized that his merely a tool with no power within the foreign ministry, the more he became disgruntled.

Why was DR Richard Sezibera poisoned

The potato enclave – Rwanda, it is a purist police state where everyone spies another. It’s a country that parents spy their own children and children spy their parents. It’s a country where married couples spy each other and neighbours spy one another. It’s a police state under North Korea model.

After months as a minister of foreign affairs and realising how the potato enclave – Rwanda’s foreign policies are based on terrorism, criminality, lies and fabrications; Dr Richard Sezibera became frustrated and disgruntled as mentioned above, thus pouring his feeling to a family member.

According to a reliable source from DMI, this family member decided to report his own blood to G2/DMI. And DMI decided to inform criminal Paul Kagame about Dr Richard Sezibera’s feelings towards the enclave’s foreign policy. What worried criminal Paul Kagame more was Dr Richard Sezibera’s sympathy towards president Museveni.

Dr Richard Sezibera had confined to this close relative who reported him to DMI at how his ashamed by Kigali’s language of insults and other obscene words towards President Museveni and his family.

With criminal Paul Kagame being informed that one of his senior cadre and a minister, was president Museveni sympathizer, this was enough for Dr Richard Sezibera to have crossed criminal Paul Kagame’s redline. According to this DMI source, without investigation, criminal Paul Kagame instructed his chief assassin Brig Gen Dan Munyuza to quietly eliminate Dr Richard Sezibera.

Assassin Brig Gen Dan Munyuza

The hit operation

In early July 2019, Dr Richard Sezibera made a visit to UK and France. According to my trusted source within DMI, Dr Richard Sezibera was poisoned in UK under the supervision of Jimmy Uwizeye, Rwanda’s first secretary at their U.K embassy. Jimmy Uwizeye is a notorious external intelligence operative who was declared in early November 2006 a persona non grata in Uganda due to his subversive activities and he was letter deployed in UK for the purpose of building DMI cells across Europe, especially in UK, Belgium and France.

Notorious external intelligence operative based in UK, Jimmy Uwizeye

According to this DMI source, Dr Richard Sezibera had travelled to UK to meet commonwealth commissioners who wanted to discuss with him on aspects of security and human rights in Rwanda considering that Rwanda was voted by commonwealth member states to host the June 2020 CHOGM.

While in UK, Rwanda’s ambassador in UK – Yamina Karitanyi invited Dr Richard Sezibera for dinner at her embassy. We have remember that Yamina Karitanyi rose through the RPF hierarchy by merely being a concubine the death merchant Jack Nziza than her intellectual proficiency or ability. According to this DMI source, it was during this dinner at Rwanda’s ambassador’s house in U.K that Dr Richard Sezibera was poisoned.

Rwanda ambassador to UK, Yamina Karitanyi

From UK, Dr Richard Sezibera went to France for other foreign office engagements, this is where he started feeling weak, internal pains and by the time he arrived in Kigali he was severely sick. Dr Richard Sezibera has never been seen in public or gone to work since early July 2019.

Criminal Paul Kagame had instructed for a quick and quiet elimination, however the Gods are still on the side of Dr Richard Sezibera. The satanic system which he served for years, first refused to grant his family permission to take him abroad for treatment, then after seeing his in critical condition, they allowed his family to take him to Aga Khan hospital – private wing with the assumption that he won’t live long. However, his still alive at The Aga Khan Hospital – private wing, fighting for his life, with multiple internal organs infections.

According to my trusted DMI source, doctors at The Aga Khan Hospital have advised Dr Richard Sezibera’s family and referred them to India or Singapore for better specialised treatment. However, the satanic system in the enclave are yet to approve the transfer. At the moment, Dr Richard Sezibera is still in critical condition and in danger of losing his life at any time.

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