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GUNS 4 HIRE! Andrew Mwenda & Tamale Mirundi Hoodwinking Ugandans Using Paid Propaganda.

The short description one can give Andrew Mwenda and Tamale Mirundi is their egoism and arrogance-self-importance, being over-simplistic, superficial and vane.

These two criminals’ apologists also gun for hire to attack security chiefs take themselves to be the alpha and omega of knowledge and in brief they believe, they are always right and 95% of Ugandans are wrong and not intelligent.

The opportunistic nature and being gun for hire to attack people through their paid propaganda have got them closer to top criminals and mafias in the country and outside.

First is to use media like NBS Television also of double agent Kin Kalisa to attack security chiefs, top cadres in government and other patriotic Ugandans who have tried to stand in their clients’ way by nipping in the bud foreign sponsored criminality in Uganda or arresting those that try to destabilize peace in Uganda.

For example, such instincts of Andrew Mwenda, got him closer to former Rwanda’s head of External Intelligence, the late Col. Patrick Karegeya during the height of tensions between Uganda and Rwanda, Andrew Mwenda caught the attention of Dictator Paul Kagame-as he has a talent in opportunism.

Andrew Mwenda was thought to be feeding Paul Kagame with information pertaining to the movements and activities of Rwanda dissident soldiers in Uganda. The runaway officers had to cut off all links with Andrew Mwenda. Later, using his propaganda Independent magazine, he openly took up the task of whitewashing criminal Paul Kagame’s Blood of innocent people. Thus, receiving a monthly salary of $15,000 in a public relations campaign.
Mwenda also was a close friend of president Museveni for some time until he learnt about his evil acts including plotting for his regime change.

Now you can understand why criminal Paul Kagame has been using and buying Mwenda’s connections to Museveni’s House to probe him on what is taking place in his palace. They meet regularly on Skype and sometimes Mwenda is hosted in the most expensive hotels at the expense of the Rwandan government.

The current diplomatic row between Uganda and Rwanda because Kampala arrested all Rwandan spies and detained its police chiefs headed by double Gen Kale Kayihura who were working for Kagame did not leave Mwenda a happy man.

Just like a gun for hire, he has since been hired by his evil masters to fight and blackmail patriotic Ugandan security officers who have stood on behalf of Ugandans to defend their sovereignty.

Among the victim is the Director General Internal Security Organization Rtd Col Kaka Bagyenda who has helped to cleanse the ISO office which had also been infiltrated by the same foreign agents.

Col Kaka Bagyenda is a victim of Mwenda and Mirundi blackmail attacks because Uganda is no longer a fertile ground for their evil plans, the reason they are fighting hard to kick him out office such that their foreign backers can commit their atrocities normally.
These mafia and criminals’ propagandists claim people are arrested and tortured in safe houses by ISO as if these safe houses started with Col Kaka’s regime.

Safe houses are for protecting Ugandans who are targets of harm and isolating those deadly individuals presumed to be planning to commit crimes by refraining them from the public. Safe houses have also been used for protecting witnesses in high profile cases from being harmed in order to kill evidence.

Why didn’t this pathological attention seeker Andrew Mwenda or Tamale Mirundi talk about Kayihura’s death squads in Nalufenya, torture chambers in Kololo under jailed Nickson Ayegasirwe?

For Tamale Mirundi he is also a renowned gun for hire propagandist in town who is hired to attack people using his media presence on behalf of his bankrollers.

In fact his victims say if you hire Mirundi to protect you by defending you on the TVs or radios, you become his garden where every day after talk show he is on your door step to claim for his air time.

He has done it for top government officials some whom he first attacked but after giving him money he starts praising them and businessmen in Kampala whom he has defended their dubious deals including the infamous Bank of Uganda/ Crane bank probe where he still reaps through writing handout books in favour of one side for handout cash and defending them on TV and radios.

After every TV talk show where he has defended these mafias, Mirundi presents video or audio clips to his masters for payment. These videos are then shared through social media. He shares his payments with some of his hosts the reason why the moderators make sure they chip in such “point of interest” such that he attacks and blackmails his target. Everything is done behind the camera between Mirundi and his moderators because he first briefs them what to ask him.

To confirm this information of Mirundi being a gun for hire to attack people, in his interview published in The Observer newspaper of November 23rd 2009 issue, he alleged that, “Mengo hired him to attack the Central Government on the now closed CBS radio.” This was then in 2009 before CBS radio had been closed during Kabaka riots.

Everybody cannot be a fool, because Mirundi has a mere degree in Mass Communication and media presence should not be used to fool Ugandans. Everything he says is paid for.

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