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By: Gideon Rukundo Rugari

1. THEY CRIMINALIZE A TARGET – TERRORISM FOR TUTSIS AND GENOCIDE OR ITS IDEOLOGY FOR HUTUS: “He threw grenades and killed Rwandans”. These grenades were used indiscriminately in Hutu populated suburbs of Kigali by Paul Kagame himself. From 2010, when Gen. Nyamwasa went into exile, they again began killing people with grenades and blaming it on Karegeya and Nyamwasa. Today; whenever I hear Paulo saying that: “aba bantu baza bakica Abanyarwanda, harimo nabana”; I always grow goose pimples.

2. THEN THEY DEHUMIZE: Hutu becomes genocideir & Tutsi becomes human waste – toilet stuff which was intimately & described by Paulo Kagame or a dog, torn Joker cards stole money for the baturage ( remember the biggest thief since the beginning of time with regard to Rwanda is Paulo Kagame)

3. THEN THEY BREAK UP THE SOCIAL AND FAMILY FABRIC OF THEIR TARGET: sometime including the spouse if they can afford it.

4. THEN THEY PLANT A BOGUS STORY: They Plant a specific, but bogus story of a criminal activity involving the above target. It may even be about a simple robbery.

5. THEN THEY ASSASSINATE THE TARGET – usually using hired hitmen who are all over. They will contract about three groups simultaneously and do not advance any money accept a few thousand dollars for operations and for DMI handlers to move around.

6. THEN THEY TERRORIZE POTENTIAL ADVOCATES OF THE DECEASED: Following the assassination they ratchet up terror on the media, family and friends of the deceased.

7. THEN THEY RERUN 1-4 IN AN OVERDRIVE MODE: The objective is, by the time of the burial of the victim his/her name is so toxic, it can’t be mentioned in Rwanda – sometimes abroad. “The other one who died” is a phrase only said by the brave.

No 4 is to suggest the target was killed by circumstances surrounding the now archived story. This was done when Col Patrick Karegeya was assassinated in South Africa. DMI – Kagame had pushed a story in the media that attempted to link the death of a popular Burundian musician Jean Christopher Matata on January 3, 2011 to Patrick Karegeya. This effort miserably failed.

However, when Col Karegeya was assassinated on 31st December 2013. The Rwandan media and those on the Rwanda payroll like Andrew Mwenda’s Independent, published reports alleging that Col Patrick Karegeya’s death was a revenge killing from the Jean Christopher Matata family.
Those who knew Jean Christopher Matata of Burundi, understand very well, there was no way the two could ever have had the so called gold deals, Rwanda came up with.
Christopher Matata was Rastafarian, who if he was assassinated, it was DMI – Kagame that did it. There is probably more DMI agents in Cape Town and Johannesburg than in Kigali.

Andrew Mwenda was on TVs and Radios parroting this narrative, until Paul Kagame came out and told everyone to cut the crap: “‘You should be saying we killed him, what are you afraid of, I am so disappointed in you. This serves as an example to who ever wants to betray Rwanda. No one will survive, it’s a matter of when, how and where”. Paul told a breakfast prayer meeting.


Here is Brig General Dan Munyuza who has killed more Rwandans than anyone reading this post will ever meet.

Assassin Brig Gen Dan Munyuza

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