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By: Rpf Gakwerere

On Friday 14 February 20, I posted noting how criminal Paul Kagame’s health minister Dr Diane Gashumba was sacked by a mere phone call.

On the 14 February 20, potato enclave’s real Prime Minister – ruthless Ines Mpambara (criminal Paul Kagame’s director of cabinet in the president’s office) telephoned the artificial Prime Minister Edouard Ngirente to tell the minister of health Diana Gashumba to tender her resignation letter by the end of the day.

On Sunday, 16th February 20, in summary post, I noted how Ines Mpambara, criminal Paul Kagame’s director of cabinet in the president’s office was the sole person behind the sacking of health minister – Dr Diane Gashumba. Since 2009, Ines Mpambara has been criminal Paul Kagame’s concubine, this will be a topic for another day.

Diane Gashumba nominated for being the best minister for 2019

On the same day, Sunday, 16th February 20, criminal Paul Kagame told his goons who are meeting at Gabiro barracks for the 17th government retreat, that he sacked the health minister – Dr Diane Gashumba by advice given to him by his director of Cabinet. Ines Mpambara is criminal Paul Kagame’s director of cabinet, office of the president, and real Prime minister of the potato enclave.

Since 2009, Ines Mpambara has been criminal Paul Kagame’s chief of staff. As chief of staff, Mpambara is therefore, not only charged with running the Presidency but the nation as well, she is the real prime minister and criminal Paul Kagame’s right hand woman.

Through her rise to power, she has destroyed career of innocent citizens without sparing criminal Paul Kagame’s house boy Generals. She is the master of intrigue and an office assassin who lacks any single respect or love for compatriots. She is as horrible as her boss and boy friend, the reason she has managed to survive for long.

Ruthless Innes Mpambara is pure evil and has terrorised the entire nation without sparing ministers, generals, and public servants shake when in front of her. The Rwandan presidency is a place of fear, not a place for leadership.

Why was Dr Diane Gashumba summarily sacked, yet a month ago she was named the best minister for 2019 by the satanic regime?

The sacking of health minister Dr Diane Gashumba by real Prime minister Ines Mpambara was not because of questions in her managerial capacity or effectiveness, and it wasn’t due to her work ethics. But rather tender contracts which Ines Mpambara wanted to be given to her husband.

Ines Mpambara, the real prime minister of Rwanda and a ruthless operative

Criminal Paul Kagame’s concubine, Ines Mpambara is among the richest civil servants in the potato enclave (Rwanda). She owns hotels, lodges, students hostels and apartments/houses around Kigali. She also owns properties in Canada were her mother and brothers are managing them. Despite all her illegal accumulation of wealth through state embezzlement and corruption, she still grabbing everything and after those who are trying to survive.

Renovation of earmarked hospitals.

In 2018, USAID donated funds to the health ministry for polio programs, AIDS projects, birth control programs, malaria projects and specific renovations of community health centres and hospitals. The aid Funds were transferred to Rwanda in 2019; but like any other funds allocated to this ministry, funds were embezzled by the Kagames and no single community centre or hospital was renovated.

In mid 2019, the ministry of health came up with plans to raise funds. The health ministry earmark few hospitals around the potato enclave (Rwanda) for renovation. These hospitals were to be renovated through funds raised from donor countries, western organisations and charities. By hard work, Dr Diane Gashumba and her team were able to raise from donors funds to renovate some of the earmarked hospitals.

In December 2019, ruthless Ines Mpambara asked Dr Diane Gashumba and her ministry to award renovation contracts of hospitals to her husband, something Dr Diane Gashumba said will be looked at, once the ministry advertises tender contracts for service providers to start bidding.

In January 20, Ines Mpambara was still pressuring Diane Gashumba to advertise the tender contracts for bidding, yet the ministry of health hadn’t yet raised enough money to start renovations of earmarked hospitals. By early Fabruary 2020, Dr Diane Gashumba was being pressured from different angles, on one side, criminal Paul Kagame’s house boy Generals who wanted these hospital renovation tenders and on the other side, Ines Mpambara.

Delays to grant renovation bidding contracts to Ines Mpambara’s husband created underlying fight against Dr Diane Gashumba by ruthless Ines Mpambara.

Coronaviruses Personal protective equipments (PPE).

Where there is cash, criminal Paul Kagame, his family and close associates are always present, and ready to crash anyone who steps on their way.

In January 20, in emergency meeting led by the ministry of health, the satanic regime came up with point programs of monitoring, prevention and protecting the public against the spread of Coronavirus. As a matter of emergency, the ministry of health was ordered to purchase coronaviruses Personal protective equipment (PPE) for wealth workers in Rwanda. And this attracted regime mafias who wanted to make quick cash.

Since the ministry of health is broke due to embezzlements by the Kagames, the ministry requested funds from the ministry of finance for the purchase of coronaviruses Personal protective equipments (PPE), funds which weren’t approved. On 11th FeFebruary 20,

While the ministry of health was still looking for funds, ruthless Ines Mpambara sent a business associate to ministry of health to discuss on tender contract terms for supplying coronaviruses Personal protective equipments (PPE) which included Thermomenter guns. The businessman went to the ministry of health with 92 different samples, these are the 92 equipments that criminal Paul Kagame mentioned on 16th February while lying on reasons behind the sacking of Dr Diane Gashumba as health minister.

In order to put pressure on Dr Diane Gashumba, ruthless Ines Mpambara told the besieged minister how she has informed the president that the ministry of health has purchased 4000 different coronaviruses Personal protective equipments (PPE) which included Thermomenter guns. Criminal Paul Kagame is always jetting around the world to attend useless conferences, talkshows and seminars, and due to these waste of resources foreign journeys, the junta always relies on briefings given to him. Reasons, the junta ruler is always fed lies by evil aides.

Ruthless Ines Mpambara wanted the embattled minister to divert funds meant for certain critical projects into buying coronaviruses Personal protective equipments (PPE), of which the minister refused. This was when Dr Diane Gashumba’s days as minister of health were sealed by Ines Mpambara who is a well known side dish of criminal Paul Kagame and real prime minister of the potato enclave (Rwanda).

Dr Diane Gashumba was sacked as minister of health due to Kagames and Ines Mpambara mafiarism within this ministry. Dr Diane Gashumba who is also a side dish to ruling party secretary general – Francois Ngarambe, was used, humiliated and thrown out of government. Like those who previously served the satanic regime, she was rewarded well, and for knowing too much info in regard to embezzlement of funds in this ministry, any time she may receive a one way ticket to the graveyard.

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