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Is Criminal Paul Kagame Going To Remember The Broke Lt Gen Charles Kayonga In His New Cabinet Which His Struggling To Come Up With?

By: Rpf Gakwerere

1) In Jul 2019, criminal Paul Kagame unceremoniously dumps Lt Gen Charles Kayonga from his role as Potato Enclave’s ambassador to China.

2) In June 2013, under sting operation by treacherous assassin Gen James Kabarebe and his deputy, death merchant Maj Gen Jack Nziza, Criminal Paul Kagame was fooled with fake info into unceremoniously sacking Lt Gen Charles Kayonga as Chief of Defence Staff.

Lt Gen Charles Kayonga alongside his nemesis, treacherous assassin Gen James Kabarebe

Lt Gen Charles Kayonga was put on house arrest. Also arrested after that was the then head of the Republican Guard, Brigadier Gen Johnson Hodari just for being Gen Charles Kayonga’s closest friend.

Lt Gen Charles Kayonga’s brother in-law, Lt Col Ronald Rwivanga who was the head of Presidential Guard intelligence was also unceremoniously removed from his position and dumped at the ministry of defence to await for further deployment.

Lt Col Ronald Rwivanga

Lt Gen Charles Kayonga’s wife, Caroline Rwivanga wasn’t spared. She was unceremoniously thrown out of the ministry of health, where she was working as the ministry’s Secretary General.

The on throat against Lt Gen Charles Kayonga didn’t stop with his sacking as Chief of Defence Staff, treacherous assassin Gen James Kabarebe and death Merchant Maj Gen Jack Nziza went after his business, transport business. Lt Gen Charles Kayonga had oil and cargo transport lorries, but after being sidelined, James Kabarebe and Jack Nziza made sure the contracts the lorries had with different business companies in Rwanda were cancelled. And poverty started knocking in Lt Gen Charles Kayonga’s door.

Lt Gen Charles Kayonga wasn’t sacked as Chief of Defence Staff not because of his leadership failures or misconduct, but because of treacherous assassin Gen James Kabarebe’s total jealousy. Treacherous assassin James Kabarebe was always fearful of Lt Gen Charles Kayonga taking his post of minister of defence. Treacherous assassin Gen James Kabarebe started realising how criminal Paul Kagame was becoming fond of Lt Gen Charles Kayonga and his wife’s family. To treacherous assassin James Kabarebe, this relationship was unacceptable.

James Kabarebe who was then powerful minister of defence was living in paranoia of disciplined Charles Kayonga, living in a shadow, under assumptions that criminal Paul Kagame may appoint Lt Gen Charles Kayonga as his replacement at the ministry of defence.

To avoid this, treacherous assassin Gen James Kabarebe and his deputy in J3 mafia network, death merchant Maj General Jack Nziza did what they do best; character assassination, create intrigue around a suspect and destroy through fake intelligence information. And Charles Kayonga was totally destroyed through linking M23 war failures to him, quietly harbouring presidential ambitions and secretly dealing with M23 in mineral treads behind criminal Paul Kagame. As usual, paranoid criminal Paul Kagame accepted all the poison crap Jack Nziza and James Kabarebe fed him about Charles Kayonga.

Another added disadvantage for Lt Gen Charles Kayonga, it’s the issue of criminal Paul Kagame’s estranged wife, Jeannette Gasana Nzirorera Kagame, who dislikes Lt Gen Charles Kayonga and the wife’s family to the core.

Currently, Lt Gen Charles Kayonga is back to the period after June 2013 when he was dropped as Chief of Defence Staff. After being dropped as ambassador of China in July 2019, the house boy General is on Gatebe (agatebe) awaiting military deployment or any other appointment.

Back to my original question, Is Criminal Paul Kagame going to remember the broke Lt Gen Charles Kayonga in his new cabinet which his struggling to come up with?

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