Tuesday , 20 February 2024
‘‘ Freedoms, democracy, human rights and rights to live are none negotiable ’’


By: Rpf Gakwerere

What Lubumbashi, DR Congo gave me, it’s the appreciation for Music, the love for music without any single boundaries. For those who know Lubumbashi, will know that since Belgium colony, the city has been cosmopolitan, with people from different background and nationalities. During the weekend, Lubumbashi would turn into something else.

Congolese are the nicest, loving and kind hearted people. They weren’t killers, and everything started changing in 1994 to present when all sorts of criminals and killers from Rwanda started pouring in DR Congo and started training these peaceful people how to kill and hate. It is now approximately 26 years of being trained to kill, hate, weaponising them and experiencing brutal medieval wars. Worsening the situation, they now have a clueless accidental president Félix Tshisekedi, and Criminal Paul Kagame being the real president of DR Congo.

Back to Music, below, a great piece by Mayra Andrade a Cape Verdean singer. You can compare her voice to that of Cesária Évora. Mayra Andrade has managed to transform traditional Cape Verdean morna music into modern.

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