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‘‘ Freedoms, democracy, human rights and rights to live are none negotiable ’’


By: Rpf Gakwerere

When a foreign nation through their commandeered Congolese rebels assassinated Major Reuben Ikondere in November 1999; the Ugandan Government kept quiet yet they knew the foreign orchestrator of this gruesome assassination. When Col. Sula Senkooto Semakula was assassinated through poison in 2005, the Ugandan government kept quiet yet they knew the foreign orchestrator.

When Brigadier Noble Mayombo was assassinated through poison in 2007, the Ugandan government kept quiet yet they knew the chief orchestrator. During Gen Mayombo’s burial, president Museveni noted that, “our cadres are being eliminated by enemies in the region.”

When Major General James Kazini was assassinated in 2009, the Ugandan government kept quiet yet they knew the foreign orchestrator. When AIGP Andrew Felix Kaweesi was assassinated in March 2017 because he was seen as a threat by double agent Kale Kayihura to be the next IGP, the Uganda government kept quiet despite knowing the ruthless assassin behind this gruesome murder. This double agent assassin was aided by a foreign country, and it’s agents from this terrorist enclave that participated in this gruesome elimination.

When Muhammad Kirumira was brutally assassinated on 8th September 2018, the Uganda government kept quiet despite knowing the criminal assassin who wanted to shut him down, an assassin mistreated him in police force for merely not being among his squad of assassins. This double agent assassin with the help of a terrorist foreign country eliminated an innocent young cadre who loved his country and died for truth.

After years of accepting evil interferences from this HOSTILE foreign nation, for the past 3 years, Uganda has been countering against this hostile enclave which is ruled by a prolific and deranged serial killer. This hostile state wants regime change in Uganda at all cost.

Since March 2001 presidential, parliamentary and local elections in Uganda, and any other subsequent presidential, parliamentary and local elections, the hostile enclave has always poured funds to support opposition figures against the NRM regime.

Uganda is not exceptional or the only country facing terrorism from the potato enclave (Rwanda), DR Congo has been experiencing the same quagmire since 1996 to present.

In 2015, Burundi’s president Peter Nkurunziza survived a coup d’etat which was planned, financed and orchestrated by criminal Paul Kagame. The aftermath of this failed coup d’etat was DMI spraying blood in the streets of Bujumbura with brutal assassinations of Burundi’s security supremo Gen Adolphe Nshimirimana et al. DMI operations changed from regime change to turning Burundi into a failed state.

Relationship between Tanzanian President Jakaya Kikwete and Rwandan ruler soured in 2013. On several occasions, members of Rwanda’s satanic regime called the Tanzanian President “a genocide and terrorist sympathizer”, “ignorant”, “arrogant”, and “mediocre leader”. The relationship deteriorated following a recommendation by President Jakaya Kikwete of open negotiations between criminal Paul Kagame’s regime and those who oppose him.

Speaking at an event dubbed “Youth Connect Dialogue” in Kigali, on June 30, 2013, criminal Paul Kagame shocked enslaved and oppressed Rwandans, the Great Lakes region, Africa and the World when he promised to hit his Tanzanian counterpart, President Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete.

From 2013 up to a time he left office in 2015, President Jakaya Kikwete and his family, most especially his wife, went through a sustained campaign of defamation, deep slander and character assassination at the hands of criminal Paul Kagame’s owned and managed news outlets in Rwanda.

For years, countries and governments in greatlakes region have been facing a 57 Kg bloodthirsty authoritarian ruler who has no single respect for international norms and diplomacy. A bloodthirsty skinny ruler who has no single respect for state sovereignty and disregards international borders. A 57 Kg skinny – bloodthirsty political vampire who has no single respect for human rights and human existence.

In 2020, all these terrorism from a 57Kg deranged serial killer are about to end. Watch the space and stay tuned.

Clockwise, from top left, Gen James Kazini, Col Sula Semakula, Brig Gen Noble Mayombo, Gen Adolf Nshimirimana, SP Muhammad Kirumira, Lt Col Reuben Ikondere and AIGP Felix Kaweesi

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However, for those in the enclave – Rwanda, the blog rpfgakwerere.org was blocked by the junta regime, it can’t be accessed unless you are using VPN.

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