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Paul Kagame’s operations in Kampala are no more, I guess we now see the peace, has anyone heard of Moslem leaders dying? What happened to organised crime?

By: Seruga Titus

We have a saying in Buganda, “Ow’ebbango bwotamuwemukira tewebikka.” the moment we exposed Kagame and his criminal group terrorising Uganda they went into hiding, many were arrested and deported.

Kagame aka Pilato thought that sponsoring crime in Uganda gives Kigali advantages; it would portray Rwanda as more peaceful hence investors and businesses would use kigali as their hub, he also believed insecurity in Uganda releases the pressure on the Kigali regime keeping our forces up in arms with thugs as he plays his cards.

It doesn’t surprise me that Criminal kingpin Baroza the Famous ADC to Gen. Kale Kayihura took refuge in Kigali temporary as they processed his documents to Canada for safe heaven, Kigali knew that if Baroza lands in the hands of CMI everything would come to light, Uganda would get all specifics of their failed coup. Boris was the man between Kigali and Kayihura and the only one with the master plan.

Gen Kayihura and Kigali planned to use the masses to light up their coup plans then take over with the help of an external, many times Kayihura provoked masses with very careless acts on opposition leader Kizza Besigye unfortunately for him the military used to move in quick, Kigali then decided to recruit a new opposition leader who they seem to be abandoning due to pressure from all corners and limitations in cash caused by Covid 19.

General Kayihura was given bail on medical grounds, although his friends kept spreading rumours of his return which will never happen considering his crimes against the state, Rwandan bloggers have even suggested that the president ordered the dropping of cases against him which is not the case, the bad General is under heavy and super surveillance by the military.

Uganda’s CMI has closed all the gaps and still working to eliminate all dormant DMI cells.
The clean-up that started in the Police Force, then quietly to SFC, now in ISO will also go to government Departments.

There is a select team of investigators and operators appointed straight by the President to investigate all cases of espionage especially outside the military.

Meanwhile talks between Rwanda and Uganda are not progressing reason being that Rwanda is not ready for a joint verification team as previously demanded, they alleged that Uganda had been training rebels in specific areas of Uganda with the intention of attacking Rwanda, Uganda denied this, time to verify these allegations has come and Rwanda is now changing their demands instead asking Uganda to hand over selected individuals they believe are Rwandans writing about their leader on social media.

What a waste of our resources in this process, the board remains closed and bodies of Ugandans are still coming allegedly shot for smuggling as if they don’t have a legal system.


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