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Criminal Paul Kagame, A man who couldn’t even spare his childhood friends.

Gen Fred Rwigema, Major Chris Bunyenyezi, Major Bayingana, Lt Col Adam Waswa, Captain Sam Byaruhanga, Captain Veduste Kayitare….etc.

Criminal Paul Kagame, since your early 20s up to now, you have been taking blood – lives of innocent human beings. As I post this, your agents are rounding up innocent people, torturing, assassinating and killing. Killing and corruption have become your trade marks.

A man who couldn’t even spare his childhood friends, and sick minds still refer to this blood sucker as a hero. A hero in what? Killing his childhood friends? Killing his countrymen/women? Killing Africans? Betraying his comrades? Killing over six million Africans in wars that stretched from the western rift valley areas to edges of river Congo.

Really, this man is a hero in what? The man and his brutal system are washed in blood. Heroism and killers can’t go hand in hand, these are parallel concepts.

Soon, your sins and that of your brutal system will catch up with you….

R.I.P to Fred Rwigema, the comrades and all those who have died at the hands of this brutal terrorist and satanic system.

The photo below says a lot about criminal Paul Kagame. An evil man who killed a person who picked him up from the streets of Kampala, without Gen Fred Rwigema, criminal Paul Kagame would still be a mufere (conman) in the streets of Kampala. But now, he is a “presidential” mufere (conman).

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